Apr 04

Spring Has Sprung Giveaway

Spring Has Sprung Giveaway- Spring has sprung and Katherines Corner is greeting it with a great giveaway. I am happy to be partnering with Katherine and others to bring you an opportunity to win $300 in cash and prizes! Katherines Corner is having a Giveaway! The Spring Has Sprung Giveaway! I’m partnering with Katherines Corner, …

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Mar 26

4 New York Dates That Will Really Impress Him

New Yorkers have everything at their disposal. While that certainly makes life more interesting, it also makes it more difficult to impress a guy you’re really into. There’s a good chance he’s already been to the trendy clubs, the hot new restaurants, and the Broadway shows getting all the buzz. When trying to plan that …

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Mar 20

Happy Persian New Year!

      In celebration of Persian New Year, (Norooz) and throw back Thursday,  I wanted to share a photo of me in 1978 when I lived in Iran. I was in high school at Tehran American school and was a cheerleader. Living in Iran was a life changing experience. The hospitality of the Persian …

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Mar 17

Tips to Make Sure Your First Date Isn’t Your Last Date

You may have known each other since kindergarten, but once you decide to take the next step and start dating, you’re in an entirely new relationship. Forget about how she used to hide your Hot Wheels. As far as you’re concerned you might as well be friendly strangers. Pull out all your best moves as …

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Mar 16

When Surprises Happen At Work!

I have been doing a lot of radio interviews lately and I am always asked to recount some shocking or funny stories to do with matchmaking. I thought I would share the first chapter of my memoir, Hearts On The Line with you all. One of the most surprising things happened one day… Amazing Horrendously …

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Mar 04

Another Way Of Thinking

I want to share a wonderful book (you can order it HERE) that I have been reading. My friend, Israel Hurtado wrote an amazing book about Forgiveness, Guidance and Inner Strength in his book, Another Way Of Thinking. The book is inspired by the spirits that came through to share information and events of his …

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Feb 26

The Beauty Of Following Your Bliss

You have probably heard that a large percentage of people in our society are shlepping off everyday to a job that they hate. Or if they don’t hate it, they certainly can’t say that they love it. If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing that you would do? Many people …

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Feb 07

Love Is In The Air!

I did a fun Google hangout with the fabulous Ande Lyons. We chatted about love, dating, Valentine’s Day and more!

Feb 01

Two Dating Tips That All Singles Must Know!

Here are two of my favorite dating tips from my fabulous matchmaker friends over at The Agency. These two issues come up again and again, so I wanted to share. xxoo Allowing a photo to determine “chemistry” – This statement in and of itself is ludicrous and close-minded, since chemistry is defined as “the interaction …

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Jan 09

Great Read for 2014!

I am so excited about my friend, author, Simon Astaire’s latest novel, The Last Photograph. I have known Simon for years, even before he was a famous author, and now I am one of his biggest fans. Check out his fabulous new book available on Kindle in the United States and the world, and hard …

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Jan 07

Great First Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas for 2014 by my friends at The Agency, An Exclusive Matchmaking Experience It’s a brand new year, which means it is time for the repetitive and very unoriginal “resolutions” to take place – but let’s be honest: you’ll probably break them by next week. But, there is one resolve in particular we …

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Dec 15

What Is More Popular, Dating For Fun Or Commitment?

Dec 10

What Gives You Special Meaning At The Holidays?

My green juice amongst the moss.

Last year Christmas and New Years was spent in misery with that super flu that swept the nation. My mom arrived to spend the holidays with us already coughing, which was highly unusual. My mother has some kind of super genes unlike any I have seen, and is the opposite of me in the way …

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Oct 30

Dating Do’s & Dont’s From The Experts

Need some first date tips? I got together with some Your Tango experts and we dissected it for you! Enjoy!

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