Mar 27

Chocoholic Central!

  I LOVE chocolate. Now, I would not consider myself a hardcore chocoholic. I mean, I don’t have stashes of Hershey’s kisses in my bedside drawer or at the bottom of my purse, but I do love really good quality chocolate. I am all about feeding my body with the most nutritious food possible. And …

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Mar 24

Why Do Girls Love Guys With Trucks?

  Is it true that ladies love a pickup man? From Kip Moore’s 2012 chart topper “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” to Joe Diffie’s ’90s hit “Pickup Man,” pickup trucks have been the subject of dozens of country songs for decades. On top of that, every February, Super Bowl ads feature all of the major truck …

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Mar 23

Is Matchmaking Really That Easy?

Today I thought that I would share a video that I filmed for Your Tango when I was in NYC last year. I often get emails from women that are interested in becoming a matchmaker and are wondering if they can work for me or be an intern and learn the ropes from a veteran …

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Mar 13

Get Results Using A Matchmaker!

  Hi everyone. I had a really great conversation the other day with matchmaker, Jasbina Aluwalia. She gives some awesome tips on how women can be more successful in finding their soul mate!    

Mar 11

Looking for Love? Upgrade Your Bachelor Pad

  Nearly every man has had a bachelor pad at some point in his life. As time passes and you transition from a freedom-loving bachelor to someone who wants to settle down, the bachelor pad needs to change with you. But, this doesn’t need to be a drastic change. You don’t have to buy a …

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Feb 27

Is Chivalry Dead?

  So who do affluent men want to be matched up with? What if a woman wants the flowers from the old days and the respect from the new days? Should you have sex on the first date? Is there just one soulmate? I put ‘the moose on the table’ with Dr. Marissa, and the …

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Feb 26

Do Soul Mates Exist?

One of the most common questions that I get from singles, is whether soul mates exist, and how can they find theirs? Grace Cavanaugh channels Osairah, a collective of 12 from other dimensions. No worries, now we know! They give us the scoop on soul mates.  

Feb 23

Single Girl Makeover: 4 Tips to Refresh the Dating Game

Ladies, has the dating scene been a bit dull lately? Do you feel like bachelors have been swiping left rather than right on your Tinder profile? There’s no doubt about it, love is a battlefield, and dating can feel like a lonely fight. How can a girl compete? Of course, it’s what’s on the inside …

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Feb 16

Get Better Results With Online Dating

               Hello everyone. I recently interviewed a fantastic gal, Erika Ettin of:           Erika writes amazing online profiles for singles, and also does some matchmaking.           Check out her  tips to make your  online profile better and get results!  

Jan 31

A Chicken Attempted To Cross The Road….

   I came across this video today and just had to share. I love this young woman,  Erin Janus. She is brave, intelligent, articulate and spot on!  

Jan 14

Tips to Protect Yourself: Online Dating Edition

If you are single in the 21st century, you know that the times, they have changed. Dating has gone digital. More than 38 percent of confirmed single-and-looking individuals have tried online dating. Online dating is a fun and practical approach to finding that special someone, but it also has its dangers. You are, after all, …

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Dec 11

Want To Release Some Weight For The New Year?


Dec 10

Meet the Parents: 3 Ways to Win Them Over This Christmas

        The two of you have been dating for awhile now, and things are going really well. You love spending time with your sweetie pie, and as the Magic 8 Ball says “all signs point to yes” that this person is The One. Now, it’s time to tackle a relationship milestone—yes, it’s …

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Nov 24

Jenifer Lewis Puts The “P” in Passion!

  Hi everyone! My friend Antonio LeMons interviewed Jenifer Lewis about living your passion. It was so juicy, I just had to share! Enjoy..    

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