Jan 31

A Chicken Attempted To Cross The Road….

   I came across this video today and just had to share. I love this young woman,  Erin Janus. She is brave, intelligent, articulate and spot on!  

Jan 14

Tips to Protect Yourself: Online Dating Edition

If you are single in the 21st century, you know that the times, they have changed. Dating has gone digital. More than 38 percent of confirmed single-and-looking individuals have tried online dating. Online dating is a fun and practical approach to finding that special someone, but it also has its dangers. You are, after all, …

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Dec 11

Want To Release Some Weight For The New Year?


Dec 10

Meet the Parents: 3 Ways to Win Them Over This Christmas

        The two of you have been dating for awhile now, and things are going really well. You love spending time with your sweetie pie, and as the Magic 8 Ball says “all signs point to yes” that this person is The One. Now, it’s time to tackle a relationship milestone—yes, it’s …

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Nov 24

Jenifer Lewis Puts The “P” in Passion!

  Hi everyone! My friend Antonio LeMons interviewed Jenifer Lewis about living your passion. It was so juicy, I just had to share! Enjoy..    

Nov 19

Dating After 50: How to Meet People

After 50 it seems like everyone is married or has settled in. If you’ve recently re-entered the dating scene, it’s hard enough to even remember how to date! But take heart, there is hope. Contrary to the oh-so-happily-married-for-fifteen-thousand-years couple, there are many people in your same boat. They’re ready to date too. Like riding a …

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Nov 18

Pigs Are People Too!

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing, Jane Velez-Mitchell. Jane is not only an award winning journalist, but she is an animal activist and does amazing work to speak for the animals that have no voice. I love all animals, and have always had a special place in my heart for pigs. Jane …

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Oct 19

Let’s Stay In: 4 Date Ideas to Have at Home

While a lavish night out on the town makes for a wonderful date night, every night out together won’t be such a special occasion if this new relationship is going to make it for the long haul. Instead of another dinner at your favorite chic restaurant and drinks at the hottest new wine bar, go …

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Oct 08

Sugar Free & Loving It!

I had to share this post that my friend, Nykki Hardin wrote about going nuts at the munchie table at a party. I can so relate. I am like Nykki, ultra sensitive to processed food, pesticides, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. I have such a clean diet and try to only put high quality food into …

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Oct 05

Is Sex On The First Date Ever A Good Idea?

Oct 03

For the Guys: 4 Tips for the Perfect Bedroom

When you work a lot, you don’t really notice anything about the humble abode you reside in. It’s enough that you reside somewhere. And then the weekend comes, a lady friend comes to hang out and suddenly you see your apartment—specifically your bedroom—as if for the first time. So now you know it’s time to …

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Oct 02

Are Some Singles Just Unmatchable?

I was in NYC recently and had a great conversation with some dating experts about whether or not some people are just unmatchable. Here is what we discovered.

Sep 19

Stop Searching and Start Attracting

The other day me and my partners, Fredly, Carolyn from The Dating Source were enjoying a glass of wine at happy hour, and of course, the topic of conversation was dating. So often we hear that singles feel that their date is exuding an energy of desperation. Instead of just going out and enjoying the …

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Sep 15

5 First Date Ideas for the Unconventional Dater

When it comes to that much-anticipated first date, why play it safe with a dinner date? While it may seem like an obvious thing to do, that doesn’t mean that it’s the best idea. Think about it. You’re sitting across from each other, trying to eat as you worry about whether or not that sauce …

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