May 13

Is Your Financial Plan A Man?

  Hello everyone, this post is for the ladies! I have always said, honey…. save your own money! In this video, I chat with the amazing, Kick Ass Witch, Joanna Devoe about how a man is NOT a financial plan.  

May 08

Dear Hollywood: Ditch These Date Movie Clichés Once and For All

Everyone loves a ripe romance and delicious drama every now and then. We understand that movie scripts have to be inflated with over-the-top clichés that make the sappy types swoon. We certainly don’t want to watch our own boring lives unfold before us on screen. But there comes a time when enough is enough and …

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May 07

Add A Little Magic To Your Life!

  Hello everyone.. I wanted to share one of my most fun ever videos that I have done! If you have looked around my website, you already know that I am into crystal healing, Reiki, energy work etc. But I also have another interest…. and that is talking boards. I communicate with my angels on …

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May 02

Mother’s Day Brunch: A Man’s Guide to Getting it Right

With Mother’s Day approaching, are you racking your head to decide what to do to celebrate that special lady in your life? Are you looking for the best way to thank her, but don’t know where to start? This year why don’t you honor all the mothers in your life with an elegant and classy …

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May 01

Do You Keep Attracting The “Wrong Person”

  Hello everyone.. I have been wanting to share this on my blog for a long time. Attracting or being attracted to the wrong person seems like an epidemic! I have been attracting the wrong type of men for me my entire life! I recently sent this video to a male client and asked him …

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May 01

The Love Stone: Rose Quartz

  As a crystal healer, I use lots of different powerful stones in my sessions. I also wear crystals on a daily basis and even sleep with one each night. Having the vibration  in my energy of these magical beings has literally changed my life. As a matchmaker, I am particularly fond of Rose Quartz. …

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Apr 09

5 Ways to Have Better First Dates

    First dates can be a load of fun due to the thrill alone, but they also require a tad bit of work on your end. Not only will you be tasked with analyzing your date for compatibility, but you’ll also have to work equally as hard to make a great first impression. And …

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Mar 31

Candid Conversation About Older Men & Younger Women

  Whooooo weeeee! I love dating coach, David Wygant! David and I had a conversation recently about older men wanting to date much younger women. David has that east coast honesty that I find so refreshing. I was shocked at the direction he took, I had NO idea that he would go this route in …

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Mar 27

Chocoholic Central!

  I LOVE chocolate. Now, I would not consider myself a hardcore chocoholic. I mean, I don’t have stashes of Hershey’s kisses in my bedside drawer or at the bottom of my purse, but I do love really good quality chocolate. I am all about feeding my body with the most nutritious food possible. And …

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Mar 24

Why Do Girls Love Guys With Trucks?

  Is it true that ladies love a pickup man? From Kip Moore’s 2012 chart topper “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” to Joe Diffie’s ’90s hit “Pickup Man,” pickup trucks have been the subject of dozens of country songs for decades. On top of that, every February, Super Bowl ads feature all of the major truck …

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Mar 23

Is Matchmaking Really That Easy?

Today I thought that I would share a video that I filmed for Your Tango when I was in NYC last year. I often get emails from women that are interested in becoming a matchmaker and are wondering if they can work for me or be an intern and learn the ropes from a veteran …

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Mar 13

Get Results Using A Matchmaker!

  Hi everyone. I had a really great conversation the other day with matchmaker, Jasbina Aluwalia. She gives some awesome tips on how women can be more successful in finding their soul mate!    

Mar 11

Looking for Love? Upgrade Your Bachelor Pad

  Nearly every man has had a bachelor pad at some point in his life. As time passes and you transition from a freedom-loving bachelor to someone who wants to settle down, the bachelor pad needs to change with you. But, this doesn’t need to be a drastic change. You don’t have to buy a …

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Feb 27

Is Chivalry Dead?

  So who do affluent men want to be matched up with? What if a woman wants the flowers from the old days and the respect from the new days? Should you have sex on the first date? Is there just one soulmate? I put ‘the moose on the table’ with Dr. Marissa, and the …

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