Jun 22

The Most Important Thing To Do To Find Your Soul Mate

  Happy Monday! Today I want to share a super fun video that I did with the amazing LUV COACH… Bruce Starr. Bruce and I discuss women with “Daddy Issues” and a host of other things that can throw a wrench in finding your soul mate! I hope you enjoy, and leave  questions & comments …

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Jun 20

The Women Of Ouija

Hello everyone, I had so much fun doing this video with Karen A. Dahlman. This was our second video and we plan on doing them on a regular basis. We poke fun at the fact that many people are afraid of the Ouija board and we shed light on what a great self development tool …

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Jun 13

What Is Reiki?

  Hellllllooooo everybody! I want to share a fascinating conversation with Reiki Master, Katt Lowe. Katt is located in Beverly Hills, Ca. and she is my Reiki Master. Yes, I was attuned in Reiki by Katt last summer. I have since gone on to get The Reconnection, Life Force Energy certified and certification in crystal …

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Jun 08

Tackling the Financial Stresses of Soon-to-be-Married Couples

  You’ve found your one true love, a person who you can share an ice cream with, a pet with, a home and now your bank accounts too. That’s when an engagement becomes most real. You truly become a two-person team in the game of love when you combine financial resources and debt. Engagement, however, …

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Jun 08

Honest Dating Tips For Women

  OMG! David Wygant is back and he is as outrageous as ever! I chatted with David the other day on my Youtube Channel, Conversations With Cupid and asked him to give us ladies some tips…..  

Jun 02

4 Ways to Show Her You Really Do Want to Date a Woman With Children

Single moms have a lot of responsibilities and things to juggle, and the last thing they need is a man who isn’t ready to accept her and her kids into his life. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Dating a woman with children may be new to you, but it isn’t rocket science. If you …

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Jun 01

I Love Paris!

Bonjour everyone. My hubby Adolfo and I had an amazing 8 day trip to Europe. We have been back 5 days already and I am still getting adjusted to the time difference, and whoooo weeee.. did we wear ourselves out, walking around the city for 14 hours per day, with stops for some amazing meals, …

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May 31

Who Is Oprah’s Dog Trainer?

Hi everybody. I thought today I would share my amazing interview with celebrity dog trainer, Tamar Geller.  She is so cool, Even Oprah trusts her fur babies with Tamar. Tamar Geller is a dog trainer who developed “the Loved Dog” method of dog training. After serving as an intelligence officer working with the Israeli Special …

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May 13

Is Your Financial Plan A Man?

  Hello everyone, this post is for the ladies! I have always said, honey…. save your own money! In this video, I chat with the amazing, Kick Ass Witch, Joanna Devoe about how a man is NOT a financial plan.  

May 08

Dear Hollywood: Ditch These Date Movie Clichés Once and For All

Everyone loves a ripe romance and delicious drama every now and then. We understand that movie scripts have to be inflated with over-the-top clichés that make the sappy types swoon. We certainly don’t want to watch our own boring lives unfold before us on screen. But there comes a time when enough is enough and …

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May 07

Add A Little Magic To Your Life!

  Hello everyone.. I wanted to share one of my most fun ever videos that I have done! If you have looked around my website, you already know that I am into crystal healing, Reiki, energy work etc. But I also have another interest…. and that is talking boards. I communicate with my angels on …

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May 02

Mother’s Day Brunch: A Man’s Guide to Getting it Right

With Mother’s Day approaching, are you racking your head to decide what to do to celebrate that special lady in your life? Are you looking for the best way to thank her, but don’t know where to start? This year why don’t you honor all the mothers in your life with an elegant and classy …

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May 01

Do You Keep Attracting The “Wrong Person”

  Hello everyone.. I have been wanting to share this on my blog for a long time. Attracting or being attracted to the wrong person seems like an epidemic! I have been attracting the wrong type of men for me my entire life! I recently sent this video to a male client and asked him …

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May 01

The Love Stone: Rose Quartz

  As a crystal healer, I use lots of different powerful stones in my sessions. I also wear crystals on a daily basis and even sleep with one each night. Having the vibration  in my energy of these magical beings has literally changed my life. As a matchmaker, I am particularly fond of Rose Quartz. …

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