Jan 18

How to Succeed With Online Dating: Baby Boomer Edition

  It’s not easy meeting someone to date, particularly if you’re in the second half of your century. Everyone at work looks so young. Bars are noisy and chaotic. Online dating is an option, but you have to use it strategically. Read on for ways baby boomers like you can enjoy online and alternative dating. …

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Jan 09

Anti Cold Remedy, Stay Healthy This Winter

  Hey everyone, happy new year! I wanted to share my favorite drink with you all. I make a shot everyday and it keeps me healthy and energized. Enjoy~ M xx     My wellness shot is so potent and delicious! You need a juicer Juice: 2 lemons 2 green apples 2 inches raw Ginger …

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Dec 18

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Car Enthusiast

    Buying a gift for the automotive enthusiast in your life can be tricky, especially if you aren’t necessarily one yourself. From car audio equipment to high tech gadgets to tools, the options seem endless. How do you find that sweet spot between surprising that special guy and giving him exactly what he needs? …

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Dec 10

A Fascinating Interview With Channel & Psychic, Paul Selig

Hello everyone! I hope that you all are getting into the holiday spirit. I have been doing something fun for just over a year now, and that is interviewing fascinating people and posting the interviews on my Youtube Channel. I want to share my latest video with you as I am sure you will find the …

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Dec 03

The Latest to Avoid Getting Catfished

  A catfish on the Internet is a cyber bully, and when someone is “catfished,” it means being tricked by a person who pretends to be someone he or she is not. Sometimes these bullies’ motives are financial gain and obtaining their victims’ personal information. Sometimes it’s simply a way for them to feel powerful …

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Nov 21

Dating At The Holidays; Don’t Sweat It!

Dating at the holidays can be daunting. The pressure and the feeling that you don’t want to spend another holiday season along. I chatted with dating coach, Donna Dzwonkas about this subject, and she has some great tips for singles!  

Aug 27

Set the Mood, No Rose Petals Needed

  Good news, ladies — you don’t have to be boring or corny to set a deliciously romantic mood. With a few tweaks to your environment (that thankfully don’t involve old-fashioned ideas like rose petals or twisted-up swan-shaped towels), you can create your own brand of passionate ambiance. Light Candles If you’re planning to set …

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Jul 26

The Hottest Date Ever!

I had a chat with humorist, Mark Miller, author of the book, 500 Dates, Dispatches From The Front Lines Of The Online Dating Wars. He had me practically in tears with one of his dating stories.    

Jul 22

So You Want To Date A Multi Millionaire?

  In my business, the business of L-O-V-E ….. I meet thousands of singles. Many singles have lot’s to amazing qualities and lots to offer, but what is keeping them from finding their soul mate? I had a chat with dating coach, Julie Holley about that the other day… let me know what you think.. …

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Jul 16

How to Create Your Online Dating Profile

  With the boom of online dating, the days of waiting for a chance meeting with the girl or guy of your dreams is over. A simple click or swipe can lead to a date, which eventually can lead to a trip down the aisle. Although you want to put yourself on the market, you …

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Jul 15

Disclosing Your Addiction: Should You, and Why?

Hey everyone.. today I have a guest post from  Mel Bailey. ******* If you’re a recovering addict—or a friend or family member is a recovering addict—how many people know about it? How do you choose who to tell, and when to tell them? This is a question that gives most recovering addicts plenty of pause …

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Jul 01

Interview With A Medium

I have always found psychic mediums to be absolutely fascinating! I chatted with a very interesting gal the other day, Janet Shackelford from www.spiritsareallaroundus.com   In Janet’s own words:   The process of Mediumship / Psychism is like a puzzle; one that is filled with smiles, tears, love, memories and more. As we place the pieces …

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Jun 22

The Most Important Thing To Do To Find Your Soul Mate

  Happy Monday! Today I want to share a super fun video that I did with the amazing LUV COACH… Bruce Starr. Bruce and I discuss women with “Daddy Issues” and a host of other things that can throw a wrench in finding your soul mate! I hope you enjoy, and leave  questions & comments …

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Jun 20

The Women Of Ouija

Hello everyone, I had so much fun doing this video with Karen A. Dahlman. This was our second video and we plan on doing them on a regular basis. We poke fun at the fact that many people are afraid of the Ouija board and we shed light on what a great self development tool …

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