Are you SO ready to connect with your soul mate, but something just isn’t working? Maybe you’re going on dozens of coffee dates with people you met online, or you’re making the rounds at mixers and speed dating events, but nothing seems to pan out.

It’s exhausting!

It’s a mystery because you have all the great qualities the perfect partner for you would want. After all, you’re a great catch! Your intelligent, passionate, kind, successful, adventurous, funny, creative and more…

So why does it seem so darn hard to find lasting true love?

Hey, I went through all the heart-break and drama myself, so I know exactly what you’re going through! Check out just how south things were going for me once upon a time…

Even for mid-January, the morning was unusually cold in Los Angeles, matching my mood. Bent on destruction, I rubbed my chilled hands together, gripped the steering wheel of my white Volvo, and revved the engine, my gaze dead ahead. I shifted gears, and hit the gas pedal. The tires rolled over the photograph of my ex-boyfriend, the latest lover to spurn me. Feeling a rush of excitement, I braked, shifted into reverse, and ran over Colin’s face again. I’d think about whether I might have gone over the edge later.

I had been dating Colin, a sexy bi-coastal Brit on and off for about nine months. He’d invited me to visit him in NY to attend a swanky New Year’s Eve party. Unemployed at the time, I had put off getting a new job for weeks in anticipation of the trip. I figured I would find employment when I got back to Los Angeles. At the tender age of twenty-four, I considered this date to be one of the most thrilling things that had ever happened to me, and I’d spent far too much of my meager savings on a silky black form-fitting dress and strappy high heels. A week before the scheduled trip, my phone rang. “Darling, listen,” he said in a voice that made him sound as if he was simply being logical. “I’ve been thinking, and I just don’t think this is the right time for you to come out to NY.”


I recall mumbling something completely lame like, “Oh… uh…yeah, I totally understand, no problem.” Inside, I was screaming, “YOU ABSOLUTE SHIT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?”


After running over Colin’s face six times, I still didn’t feel completely satisfied. The photo was damaged but Colin’s treacherous smile was still intact. I went inside, placed the photo in the kitchen sink, and lit it on fire.

That felt better.

I was young, and this was the 80’s, and nobody ever called anyone a drama queen back then. Drama seemed to offer a way to cope with heartbreak. Suppression of drama turned many of us neurotic or obsessive. Or destructive. Love is a powerful force, often a wild ride on a dragon, a dance with illusion.

Back then, I wish I’d known what I do now, but learning the hard way, for me solidified the importance of what I am here to offer you now.



Dating and relationships have been my life for the past 16 years working as a professional matchmaker. I’ve had the pleasure of sending countless couples down the aisle on their journey to happily ever after.

Through energy healing, clearing work, connecting with my angels and spirit guides, and getting crystal clear on what I wanted, I stepped into the highest version of myself and I discovered that what I was feeling on the inside began to be reflected back to me on the outside as well.



 I have developed the ability to see the infinite possibilities in life and the potential in every person, and I’d LOVE to help pull that out of you so that you can shine brighter! When you are vibrating at a higher frequency, and clear out the old stagnant energy and thought patterns, you’re free to shine bright and attract your soul mate!


The greatest asset I have to offer YOU are my own personal experiences wading through the dating/relationship world myself. With many dating disasters, disappointments and heartbreaks behind me, the amazing news is — I came out on the other side with a positive sparkly perspective and tools to help others.

After two devastating divorces, I healed my own deep relationship challenges and am now in a beautiful marriage with my best friend.

Marla & Adolfo


I profoundly want to share what I’ve learned with YOU.

I’ve developed a coaching program like no other. Magnetizing Miracles is a 5-week program that’s jam packed with sparkly goodness to get you ready and into the relationship of your dreams!

By combining the practical with the magical, we will clear out old patterns, use energy healing to infuse your beautiful being with balance and love, and receive messages from the angels and guides to steer you in the right direction.


Working with Me you will:

  • Focus on your Perfect Life Partner.
  • Who is he/she and who is he/she NOT?
  • Go over your online dating profile and photos.
  • Pinpoint your blocks around love and release them with a simple technique.
  • Learn to cut etheric cords that bind you to past relationships preventing you from moving on
  • Receive a guided meditation specifically targeted to program your subconscious to attract your soul mate.
  • Create a “magic genie” with the art of “scripting” that will merge you & your desire into one.
  • Get guidance directly from the angels and guides about what you need to know right now.
  • Receive in person or long distance energy healing to balance the chakras and shift your self-worth


Joy, Bliss and a fabulous relationship are our Human Birthright. Learn to get there NOW.



                                      Love arrives when we do the work we need to do on ourselves

It’s our absolute joy to be able to support YOU in working through what your blocks are and to help attract abundant love into your life!


                                    With your Magnetizing Miracles coaching package you will also receive a copy of my book                                                                            

                                                                  Remember, YOU are Worthy!

          If you’re ready to invest in yourself, clear out the old and try something new, let’s get started!

Investment for 5-weeks with Marla, 450.00

For a FREE 15 minute consultation contact me at

Or… If you’re ready to get going, click on the sparkly pink square!

Love, MarlaXOXO



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