Back On Track Mini Coaching Program


Gurrrl… Have I got something for you!


You’re intelligent, passionate, kind, successful, adventurous, funny, creative and more… but you’ve been feeling frustrated!

The dates you’ve been going on haven’t panned out and you’re thinking of taking a break or throwing in the towel completely.

 But before you resign yourself to  another weekend of Netflix and Pizza, let’s get to the bottom of it.


This mini offer is a prequel to my 8 week program From Single To Soul Mate. If you aren’t ready to put the time in to overhaul your stinkin’ thinkin’ and reprogram, clear and heal your old blocks and patterns, start with me here to go over your dating life and make some adjustments to get you on track.

You Get:

~ 3  Thirty Minute Coaching Sessions

~ 2 Distance Energy Healing Sessions

~ Intuitive Card Reading

~ Guided meditation

~ Unlimited email/text support for two weeks












I’m Marla Martenson, aka, The Mystical Matchmaker. After almost two decades as a professional matchmaker… I’ve learned a thing or two. I know what men are looking for in a relationship and I know how amazing women like you can self sabotage… It’s common to hold blocks and patterns that keep repeating over and over, that keeps you on a perpetual dating merry-go-round. Combining my matchmaking skills with energy healing and other powerful modalities, I love helping women release the emotional and energetic cords that keep them single!

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