From Single To Soulmate

Do you long to finally find that one amazing connection, your true soul mate?

Are you tired of wasting precious time & energy on dates that don’t go anywhere with men who simply aren’t what you desire or who don’t desire you?

Are you completely confused when a seemingly great guy ghosts you or pulls away?

Or are you shaking your head at confusing text messages and  at a total loss as to what they mean much less how to respond?

Girlfriend, I feel you! If you are…

  -Completely OVER scrolling through profiles on the Internet till your eyes are blurry

  -Seriously contemplating running away to join a nunnery

  – Or maybe thinking of just getting a job at Starbucks since you’re there all the time meeting Internet dates over coffee…

Then you’re in the right place.

I’ll bet you’re starting to wonder if there are any quality men out there, ones that…

– Don’t have any commitment issues

– Aren’t just looking for a one night stand or are total players

– Don’t come with a ton of baggage that you are now supposed to unpack

You’re starting to or have lost hope that you’ll ever find the RIGHT GUY, experience that special connection and have him fall head over heels in love with you.

You are SO ready to connect with your ideal partner, but something just isn’t quite working…

Maybe you’re going on dozens of happy hour dates with people you met online…

Or you’re making the rounds at mixers and speed dating events, but nothing seems to pan out and if you are totally honest with yourself, it’s exhausting

 It’s a mystery because you have all the great qualities your perfect partner would want. After all, you’re a great catch! You’re intelligent, passionate, kind, successful, adventurous, funny, creative and more…

Maybe you have no problem attracting men; your dance card is full, but the men that you get involved with all seem to be the same person, just sporting a different hairstyle and pair of pants and with viagra pill! I’ve been there and not only dated the same guy over and over, I married him. TWICE!

So, I know EXACTLY what you’re going through. That’s where healing, clearing & breaking old patterns comes in. I finally had to figure it out myself if I wanted anything to change. Healing myself and changing my mindset was the key that turned everything around. Check out where my head was once upon a time…


Even for mid-January, the morning was unusually cold in Los Angeles, matching my mood. Bent on destruction, I rubbed my chilled hands together, gripped the steering wheel of my white Volvo, and revved the engine, my gaze dead ahead. I shifted gears, and hit the gas pedal. The tires rolled over the photograph of my ex-boyfriend, the latest lover to spurn me. Feeling a rush of excitement, I braked, shifted into reverse, and ran over Colin’s face again. I’d think about whether I might have gone over the edge later.

I had been dating Colin, a super successful, sexy bi-coastal Brit on and off for about nine months. He’d invited me to visit him in NYC to attend a swanky New Year’s Eve party. HE was pretty much everything that I had dreamed of in a man.

MOI? Well… I was:

  • Unemployed with an almost empty bank account balance.
  • Still reeling from a recent break up with ANOTHER guy who locked me out of the house, after kicking me in the leg. Desperately knocking on the thin window pane in the door, it shattered and landed me in the emergency room at midnight with stitches in my hand. (I still have the scar)
  • Desperately lonely.
  • Putting off getting a new job for weeks in anticipation of the trip. 
  • Spending far too much of my meager savings on clothing; a silky black form-fitting dress and strappy high heels for the party.

So. Not in a totally awesome place in my life.

Then, a week before the scheduled trip, my phone rang. It was Colin.  “Darling, listen,” he said in a voice that made him sound as if he was simply being logical. “I’ve been thinking, and I just don’t think this is the right time for you to come out to NY.


I recall mumbling something completely lame like, “Oh… uh…yeah, I totally understand, no problem.” Inside, I was screaming, “YOU ABSOLUTE SHIT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?”

So…after running over Colin’s face six times, I still didn’t feel completely satisfied.

The photo was damaged but Colin’s treacherous smile was still intact. I went inside, placed the photo in the kitchen sink, and lit it on fire.

That felt better. For the moment. Until I found another guy that treated me the same way, or worse.

Back then, I wish I’d known what I do now but learning the hard way, for me solidified the importance of healing my codependent patterns that…

  • I learned from growing up in a family that abused alcohol
  • Affected me deeply from being bullied at school

 That led me to…

  • Years of crying my eyes out.
  • Wondering why all the men I chose were so cruel and cold
  • Never feeling truly loved and accepted for who I am

I finally realized that it wasn’t actually the men. I was the common denominator. It was actually up to me how I chose to be treated and with whom I let into my life.

You see, there is something that is called The Law of Magnetism, which means that each of us project a certain energy, sexual health a frequency. We attract and resonate with the exact same energy that we are emitting! So however we feel about ourselves we will inevitably attract a person with the same frequency as us, and that is exactly what I was doing.

With deep spiritual work, meditation, shamanic healing, clearing techniques and lots of work on my self-esteem, I was able to finally let go of old patterns and turn a new page of freedom, and I want to help you do the same!



I’m Marla Martenson, aka, The Mystical Matchmaker. After almost two decades as a professional matchmaker… I’ve learned a thing or two. I know what men are looking for in a relationship and I know how amazing women like you can self sabotage… It’s common to hold blocks and patterns that keep repeating over and over, that keeps you on a perpetual dating merry-go-round. Combining my matchmaking skills with energy healing and other powerful modalities, I love helping women release the emotional and energetic cords that keep them single year after year. 

Here’s what I’ve learned, Once you move out and clear past wounds:

  • An energetic shift happens
  •  You learn to totally and unconditionally love and accept yourself
  • You’ll get excited about dating again
  • And magical things will happen for you. I mean amazingly magical!

I’m passionate about helping women clear, heal, make their gifts shine and get noticed!

Imagine This…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the feeling of connecting with your soul mate, that perfect person for you.

  • Maybe you’re decorating your new home together,
  • Taking a dream vacation
  • Picking out a rescue pet to add to the family
  • Spending evenings in cooking organic food and watching Netflix
  • Sharing your hopes and dreams over a glass of wine.

You finally found that person who will always be there for you and have your back.

 Finding your soulmate shouldn’t have to be so hard!

Dating really isn’t about the superficial, playing games or learning complicated strategies. It’s about having the right vibration, (which is activated when you deeply love yourself, so that you literally become a magnificent magnet attracting what you want) and a plan.


During The From Single To Soulmate 8 week 1-1 Transformational Coaching Program…

You Will:

Spend 8 private one on one sessions with me by video chat or phone where you will learn and practice powerful practical AND mystical techniques and modalities to make major shifts.

Connect with your vision, getting crystal clear on who you are and the type of life you wish to live, and how that looks & feels.

Clear the blocks, grudges, hurt & resentment that keeps you from getting into an amazing relationship.

Connect with your inner power transforming negative beliefs, channeling negative emotions into passion, love, self-confidence and tap into your calm state of mind… Your Zen Zone.

Receive 2 thirty minute energy healing sessions to clear and balance your chakras.

Get a guided meditation to attract your soul mate

Unlimited email/text access to me during the 8 weeks.


What results can you expect?

Self-love and self-esteem through the roof.

~ Learn what your boundaries are and how to set them

~ Get clear on your non- negotiables.

~ Energy and chakras cleared and balanced.

~ Feel amazing being you.

~ Finally attract the perfect partner for you



If you don’t take action now, what will your life be like 6 months or a year from now?

Will you still be the third wheel on dates with your BFF, or debating whether to take that trip alone to Venice? Gondola rides are always better for two…

So, hop on a call with me and let’s see how we can get you to attract the man you really deserve! OR…. if you know that you’re ready to get started, click the banner below!

Together, we’ll get you truly ready to find your soulmate and stop dating blowhards!
You’ll emerge ready to meet the fabulous mate you’ve been dreaming about.  
My practical real-world matchmaking expertise coupled with my energy healing superpowers will get you ready to kick the Colin’s of the world to the curb.