Online Dating Reboot


Ladies, are you tired of wasting precious time & energy on dates that don’t go anywhere with men who simply aren’t what you desire? Are you completely confused when a seemingly great guy ghosts you or pulls away? Are you shaking your head at confusing text messages and are at a loss what they mean and how to respond? 

Well, Then I Have Something For You!

Learn the secrets to rising above the noise in the online dating space & attract the man you really deserve!


Three 30 Minute ONE to ONE Sessions With Me

Your Online Photo & Profile Review

Powerful Guided Meditation To Change Your Mindset

30 Minute Distance Energy Healing Session To Clear & Re-balance Your Chakras

Copy of My Book, Excuse Me, Your Soul Mate Is Waiting

A Rose Quartz Crystal Infused With Magical Energy To Help You Attract Love





                                                                     Who Am I?


 I’m Marla Martenson, and I’ve been a matchmaker for almost two decades! My clients give me feedback after each date, so I’m in the unique position to be able to hear what men really want. What raises a red flag in their eyes, and what has them going gaga!

In our fast paced world, with attention spans getting shorter and shorter, if you don’t stand out, your dream man will probably swipe to the next choice on Tinder, or overlook your profile on

I can help you make your gifts shine and help you to get noticed. There will be some homework for you to do, but it will be fun. If you’re exhausted trying to figure it out by yourself, click the button below and let’s get started!


Love, MarlaXOXO



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