Why Decorating Your Apartment Is Good for You

Your home should be a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe. While you may have thought of it as just a place to sleep and eat, it can be so much more. There actually are physical and psychological benefits that come with decorating your home. Instead of filling it only with necessary furniture, you should add some decorations and personal touches. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Incorporate Plants

One of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment is to add houseplants and flowers. Plants affect the air and climate of your home through their natural processes, which in turn can improve your health. For example, plants release about 97 percent of the water they take in, which increases the humidity level in your home. You probably won’t notice much of a difference (unless you have a lot of plants), but the extra humidity can help prevent colds, dry skin, sore throats and other respiratory issues.

Plants also affect your mental sharpness and well-being. Having natural elements around can reduce stress and anxiety and help you feel calmer. A study carried out by Texas A&M also shows that plants can increase concentration, memory and accuracy in work. If you work or study from home, you should add plants to your office space to improve your performance.

Pick Your Color Palette

Different colors make you feel and act certain ways, according to color theory. This means you should pick your wall, furniture and accent colors carefully as you decorate your home. For example, you want your bedroom to feel calm and peaceful, so you should opt for shades of blue. Paint your walls a pale blue, pick out a blue bedspread or hang up blue curtains to help your space feel relaxing. In comparison, you may want to decorate your work space with shades of red to stimulate brain activity. Paint a red accent wall, or add red picture frames and other decorations to get your mind ready to work.

Personalize Your Space

Even though hanging up pictures can be a pain, they may help your mental health and boost your mood. A study from the University of Portsmouth found that people who look at old pictures of happy moments on Facebook are soothed and comforted. You can do the same thing around your home. Add a picture of your family on your nightstand, and hang up photos of your friends and childhood in your living room. Every time you see them, you will remember good times and feel happier. You also can add memorabilia, shadow boxes or mementos around the house to produce the same effect.

Keep it Simple

Although you want to decorate your apartment, you don’t want to go overboard. If you fill every space with knickknacks, pictures, candles, plants and who knows what else, you may lose some of the benefits you were trying to achieve. Clutter can affect your concentration and anxiety. If your home feels crowded, take some time to go through your stuff and keep only the items that are important to you. Strategically position flowers, pictures and decorations in places where they’re not in the way or distracting. You should be able to easily move through your living space and focus on the items that make you feel happy.


20 thoughts on “Why Decorating Your Apartment Is Good for You”

  1. rachel framptonrachel frampton

    I’ve been wanting to decorate my new apartment, but I’m quite clueless on what kind of design I must incorporate. I think your idea of painting the walls blue and hanging up a blue curtain to make the apartment look relaxing, seems like a great idea. I hope I’ll also be able to find a shop that sells amazing home decor!

    November 14, 2019
  2. David JohnsonDavid Johnson

    I didn’t know different colors make you act in certain ways. Recently, I bought a new apartment. I’ll have to look into gift stores and home decor shops I can go to for items to use.

  3. La VieLa Vie

    Hey! home should be a place where you feel relaxed, comfortable and safe.

  4. Dave AndersonDave Anderson

    That is a good point that different colors make me feel certain ways in color theory. Maybe it would be good to get home decor with a certain color palette. This is something I am going to have to look into sometime soon for my home. http://www.qhopgifts.com/np1-listing-dept-45000

  5. Dean PhillipsDean Phillips

    You made an interesting point when you said that there are physical and psychological benefits that come with decorating your home. My wife and I just moved into a new house and it feels very bare. We will be sure to find decorations that we can use to liven up our home.

  6. Arabella MudonArabella Mudon

    Hey! A study carried out by Texas A&M also shows that plants can increase concentration, memory and accuracy in work.

  7. Kourtney JensenKourtney Jensen

    My daughter just moved out for the first time and I think she is feeling a bit lonely. I like how you point out that decorating your apartment can help you feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe. I think this is exactly what she needs. We’ll have to look online and see if we can find some home decor products that suite her taste.

  8. Ellie DavisEllie Davis

    I didn’t know that different colors could make you feel and act differnt ways. This is something I’ll have to keep in mind as I search for different decorations to add some flair to my apartment. Hopefully, I can find the best decorations for my little apartment. http://www.qhopgifts.com/np1-listing-dept-45000

  9. Millie HueMillie Hue

    My best friend and I will be renting an apartment because we have always wanted to live together since college. Fortunately, we work in the same company, so living together is much more practical. We plan to buy decorative items one of these days to be prepared when we move in. I love that you emphasized being simple with the decoration because having too much clutter can make it room feel overcrowded which can affect concentration and anxiety. Thanks for the tips!

  10. Rosie BeckettRosie Beckett

    I recently moved into a new apartment and I want to add some decor to make it feel more like home, so I am glad that I found this article. You make a great point that incorporating plants and flowers can affect the air and climate of the home while looking aesthetically pleasing. Also, I appreciate that you say to keep it simple because I definitely don’t want my apartment to look cluttered so I will find simple decor that enhances the living space.

  11. Emily BennetteEmily Bennette

    This is some really good information about home decor. I liked that you pointed out that decorating your apartment can help with mental health and boosting your mood. That does seem like a good thing to be aware of when you want to have better overall health.

  12. Millie HueMillie Hue

    I totally agree that having a theme could up the game in home decoration and how picking a specific color palette could determine what designs and items I should go for. I am renovating my bedroom, and I am having a hard time deciding what style I want. Thanks to your list, I can now start by picking the color theme I would want my room to have.

  13. Elsa AndersonElsa Anderson

    My husband and I recently moved into our first apartment and we are excited to find some home decor to spice the place up! I like that you say to add plants because they affect the air and the climate of your home and thus improve your health. Also, I appreciate that you say to find a color palette that fits your style like a blue color if you want the area to feel calm and peaceful. I will definitely share these tips with my husband!

  14. Margaux FordMargaux Ford

    It’s great that this article talked about how different colors make you feel and act certain ways, and to pick the right one for your home’s interior. I’m thinking of redecorating my home to give it a new, fresh look. It’s good to know that blue colors can be calming and relaxing, while red can be stimulating. Thanks for the advice!

  15. Todd StaufferTodd Stauffer

    I like how you said that your accent colors could actually help you feel certain ways. Getting home decor accents to match the paint of your home in order to promote certain feelings would be really important. That way you and your family can always feel happy by choosing a happy color.

  16. kyliedotts13kyliedotts13

    I like how you recommended hanging pictures because it will provide comfort and familiarity to your apartment. We have a son who is about to move into his first apartment at college and it would be great for him to do something like this considering he’s never lived away from home before. I’ll have to see if we can find some home decor accents for sale that we could give to him in addition to some picture frames so he can personalize the space.

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