What Is Reiki?


Hellllllooooo everybody! I want to share a fascinating conversation with Reiki Master, Katt Lowe. Katt is located in Beverly Hills, Ca. and she is my Reiki Master. Yes, I was attuned in Reiki by Katt last summer. I have since gone on to get The Reconnection, Life Force Energy certified and certification in crystal healing. I am LOVING all of the amazing energy work that I am able to share with others and also benefit from myself. This spiritual study and growth is a life long adventure and I recommend it to anyone that wants to delve & dive in to the mystical waters of the energetic field.

I have met many people along the way that have never heard of Reiki, are not sure what it is, or don’t “believe in it,” so I thought that is was time to have a chat with an expert, Katt…. she explains in simple and easy to understand lingo exactly what is going on here… so I hope you enjoy this video. Leave any comments or questions below and I will ask her in the next video.

Peace & Love ~ Marla