What Does Your Online Dating Photo Say About You?


Your online photo is so vital to connecting with that someone special.

I read some great advice from dating coach David Wygant

So you’re dating online.

And you put up a picture of you and your girlfriends in Hawaii or Mexico.

In the picture, you’re all in your bikinis, you all have cocktails, and you all look like you’re having a really, really, good time.

It’s an innocent moment in your life, but the guy that’s checking out your profile right now has an idea of you that will be hard to erase.

Party girl.

He looks at that picture of you and doesn’t see someone that he can settle down with; you’re not relationship material—he’s thinking that you’re booty call material.

He’ll probably even send you some type of sexual e-mail of some kind.

Ladies, here’s the deal: when you put a picture up of yourself drinking with your friends, you immediately trigger images in a male’s mind. He’s now thinking that all he’s got to do is get a few drinks in you and you’ll be rolling around the sack with him.

When it comes to online dating, you never ever want a picture of you and your friends with alcohol in your hands toasting. Never.

If you want to meet real men, then you have to appeal to real men. If your profile is nothing but party images then you’re going to attract men that like to party. (And you may want that.)

David’s take on this is spot on. I can’t tell you how many times I have sent some photos of a possible match to a male client only to have him turn her down because of his false perception of her based on a couple of photos where she appears to be a party girl.
Another no no is putting up a photo of yourself practically naked or with your cleavage shoved in the camera lens as your profile pic on Facebook. I see so many photos like this. Women displaying themselves as if they are in a penthouse spread instead of a social media platform.

Yes, men are visual, and I understand, you’re beautiful with a rockin’ body and you figure that’s the way to get some attention from the men, but it is totally the wrong kind of attention. You can show off that beautiful figure that you work so hard to keep wearing something tasteful and classy, yet feminine.


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