Two Dating Tips That All Singles Must Know!


Here are two of my favorite dating tips from my fabulous matchmaker friends over at The Agency. These two issues come up again and again, so I wanted to share. xxoo

Allowing a photo to determine “chemistry”

This statement in and of itself is ludicrous and close-minded, since chemistry is defined as “the interaction of one personality with another”. With that said, you can not establish chemistry by looking at a photograph. As a matchmaker for several years, it is my personal belief that most of my clients look much better in person, especially the men, since they are not the ones typically out at night practicing their best pouty-lipped pose doing the arm-outstretched photos with their friends one hundred times over. Not only that, but chemistry is all concluded in the face-to-face interaction and personal rapport with someone else. Seeing them at different angles with their various facial expressions and cute idiosyncrasies in a natural relaxed setting rather than awkwardly slapping on a fake smile and cheesy pose for a photograph is the only determinant for chemistry. In conclusion, taking the time to shake their hand may just land you the love of your life.

Keep in mind there is always someone out there who is richer/prettier/more marketable than you

If this sounds harsh, it is just my way of reminding you to keep your ego in check. If you think you are God’s gift to the single world, yet you are still single, maybe some introspection is in order. If you have this attitude coupled with the notion that you deserve the best of the best and no one is good enough for you, then they will get the hint that they’re not good enough, and leave you standing in their dust. There are plenty of people out there without a never-ending checklist of their “perfect mate” who are easier to get along with, and trust me, they look 10 times better than someone with a bar set to boundless heights. Dating is about respect, reality, and most importantly, humility.