Top 5 Yoga and Meditation Destinations for Spiritual Awakening

Guest post by Nina Simons

It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, you must agree that there is something therapeutic about traveling to a faraway destination and starting your own spiritual journey in order to achieve inner peace. That is where yoga and meditation play the vital part and represent a tool that helps you reach your goals and become a better version of yourself.

All of us feel the need to travel to a certain destination to completely recharge our batteries and boost our energy. Especially in this modern era of rapid technology development where we are constantly under pressure, dependent on the gadgets and all the electronic devices that are meant to make our lives easier but in fact just bring more stress. If you are ready to get away and start your spiritual journey, here are the best yoga and meditation destinations all over the world that you will surely adore.



Insight Meditation Society, Massachusetts, USA

If you happen to live in Massachusetts and are into spirituality and meditation, then you certainly know about Insight Meditation Society. This amazing Buddhist retreat, located an hour and a half west of Boston, is housed in a 1900’s mansion, that gives it a special touch. You can choose one of approximately 20 retreats a year that last between a week and ten days and begin your introspection in order to find peacefulness and tranquility you desperately need.

Also, there is a unique long-term program available for advanced meditators, that lasts for three months and include both walking and sitting meditations that are all silent. If you are ready to completely commit to a silent meditation retreat, the Insight Meditation Society has everything you need.



Palolo Zen Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

If you’ve always wanted to spend your vacation soaking up the sunbeams on a stunning Hawaiian beach now you can do so while experiencing a spiritual awakening in a Zen Buddhist meditation center in Honolulu.

This center offers six silent meditation retreats every year, ranging from three to eight days – which they call sesshins, as well as zazenkai a one-day retreat and the several months long intensive Zen study. Located just 15 minutes from Waikiki Beach, Palolo Zen Center will simply mesmerize you. Plus the meals are vegetarian that is perfect and that will help you not only clear your mind but also cleanse your body from the toxins.


Vana Malsi Estate, Uttarakhand, India

This amazing 21-acre wellness center located in Uttarakhand is perfect for all the yoga lovers since it combines yoga practices with Tibetan healing, Ayurveda and other therapies that will help you heal on the inside as well as the outside.

The best part is that each guest gets a personalized retreat based on their body’s needs and their wants. Upon arrival, the doctor examines you and talks to you and then designs your own personal therapy. Relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the busy city life and practice yoga underneath Mango and lychee orchards that surround the Vana Malsi Estate. There are several food options (all food is locally sourced and organic) so there is something for everyone – you can choose vegetarian, non-vegetarian and vegan options.



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

If you are a yoga trainer and experienced meditator ready for a new adventure you should dare to create your own spiritual journey. Meditative walks, stunning nature and beautiful views in Ubud will create a perfect mood – just what you need for a mindful break.

Traveling to Bali doesn’t have to be in a group or to a certain retreat, you can organize a perfect, personalized meditation and yoga retreat in this wonderful country, alone. Simply choose affordable Bali rentals and start your own journey all by yourself. Practice yoga on the beach, early in the morning and enjoy the stunning sunrises! The best part is that you can completely focus on your inner needs and be completely silent during your spiritual journey.


MesaStila resort, Central Java, Indonesia

This unique property is set within a working coffee plantation and includes tropical gardens. Start your spiritual journey in Indonesia and enjoy the wonderful fresh mountain air while starting your days with a daily dose of a local herbal medicine jamu that will mend your soul. Here you can experience tabib, the process in which Javanese healers use herbs to treat your body and spirit and help you heal and clear the path to help you achieve your inner peace.

At the end of the day when you get tucked into a canopied bed in your Javanese villa in MesaStila resort, you will be grateful for everything you have and everything you have experienced during this amazing journey.

Open the door to your life’s purpose and engage in a life-changing adventure in one of these marvelous destinations all over the world. Don’t be scared to experience new things and leave the everyday stress behind. Help yourself to achieve your inner peace and your body and spirit will thank you!