Tips to Make Sure Your First Date Isn’t Your Last Date

Romantic date

You may have known each other since kindergarten, but once you decide to take the next step and start dating, you’re in an entirely new relationship. Forget about how she used to hide your Hot Wheels. As far as you’re concerned you might as well be friendly strangers. Pull out all your best moves as if you’d never met and you’ll have a greater chance of going out more than just this one time.

Use Your Manners

You may have once shared popsicles in the back yard, but you’re grownups now. Keep your elbows off the table, don’t talk with food in your mouth, eat small bites. Make her forget about the times you smeared chocolate on your face, and impress her with your impeccable table manners.

Bring a Gift

Don’t show up empty handed. Show her you’re serious about taking this relationship to the next level by going a little bit over the top. If she’s a chocolate lover, go to the mall and buy a tiny box with two or four perfect designer truffles. If she fills her home with flowers, check flowers for a perfect orchid plant or a small bouquet of unusual tie-dyed roses. Be thoughtful about what you choose to give her. Find a small example of the best or most unusual version of her favorite things and surprise her with it when you pick her up.

Be Nice

Of course you’re going to treat her well. After all, she’s the one you want to impress, right? But no amount of sweet talk in the world can make up for you treating others around you rudely. Do you stare at other women? Argue with the hostess? Snap your fingers or yell at a waiter? If she’s trying to judge your chances at a relationship, this might be make or break time.

Go Out of the Box

Skip dinner and a movie? Go for the unusual, the strange, the memorable. Pick her up at 7:00 in the morning for breakfast at a boutique hotel. Pack a picnic and go to a playground. Take cameras and explore an abandoned building or neighborhood. Go to a mall and make a video, then post it on YouTube. Be fun, be creative, be odd, but most of all, give her a reason to wonder what’s going to happen the next time you go out.