Thrive In Your Body

I am just finishing a two week detox. I am feeling AMAZING! People have been asking me what I am doing, so I will share with you this fantastic information. Taking care of yourself, loving yourself and respecting yourself is called, “Mature Living.”

Nykki Hardin is a Nutritionist and Detox Expert and Wellness Strategist specializing in the application of Eastern and Western practices and principles for balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
FACT: Accumulated toxins in the body are directly related to anxiety, depression, weight gain, insomnia, lack of energy, inability to concentrate, chemical imbalances, mood swings, indigestion, bloating, skin blemishes, and the list goes on…

FACT: Toxins block the metabolic reactions in the body. The metabolism regulates neurotransmitters, hormones, energy production and the bodies ability to naturally detoxify. When toxins overload the system, the metabolism breaks down, and the body’s functions and organs begin to weaken or fail.

FACT: Inflammation in the body is now being linked to nearly all disease including cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, auto-immune disorders, organ failure, IBS, arthritis, Alzheimers, ADD, ADHD, depression…….

FACT: Inflammation is the body’s response to being attacked by germs (foreign substances also known as toxins). These germs are found in the form of toxins in the food supply, the environment, and in today’s stressful lifestyle.

CONCLUSION: The best way to be PROACTIVE and reduce the risk to any of the above conditions is to be PROACTIVE about leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 Suggestions that you can do right now to care for your health:

1) Change your diet to reduce exposure to food and environmental toxins
2) Exercise regularly
3) Learn to manage stress levels
4) Change your household and skincare products
5) Regularly Cleanse and Detoxify the body

Three common statements I hear:

“I eat healthy and I exercise. I don’t need to detox.” YES, AND…. AWESOME! Nothing makes me happier than hearing someone is taking care of themself. But the fact is there are toxins we are exposed to that are beyond our awareness and out of our control. It is vital to regularly cleanse the body in order to be proactive and take a preventative approach to avoid dis-ease. Here is a little example why and where these toxins creep in: drinking water, xenoestrogens from plastic cups and containers, parabens and other chemicals in body lotions/shampoos/skin care, toxins in shower water, synthetic fragrances in candles, chemicals in laundry detergent and dry cleansed clothing, toxins and free radical in the air…. the list goes on. These build up. These block the metabolism. These cause inflammation. These destroy vital body functions.

“It’s in my genes.” Science has proven that less that 2% of our DNA is genetic, and the other 98%, commonly called phantom DNA, is 100% affected by environmental factors. HOW AWESOME AND EMPOWERING!! This means we are in control of AT LEAST 98% of our health based on the food we eat, the thoughts we think, our ability to balance emotions, the people we surround ourselves with, exercise, etc. The repetition of “family history” diseases happens because: 1) You have the same thoughts and beliefs as your parents which are contributing to these predispositions, and 2) Your behaviors and actions mimic those of your parents which contribute to these predispositions. The truth of the matter is we live in a much different time than our parents in which our food supply and our lifestyles are dramatically different than when they were our age. Take responsibility to educate yourself and make powerful, positive, healthy choices!!

“I have a chemical imbalance.” YES!! This is true!! And let me explain a few contributing factors. The metabolic reactions in your body have been affected by accumulated toxins and nutrient deficiencies, causing a reduction or blockage in the pathways of neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers of the body. When foreign substances enter the body, the metabolism slows or fails and this leads to chemical imbalance, hormone imbalance, disruption in the production of energy, and reduces the bodies ability to naturally clean itself. The symptomatic experience is lack of energy, mood instability, anxiety, depressions, bloating, weight gain, thyroid disruption, insomnia, fatigue…. and this is for those who are lucky and not being faced with life-threatening conditions.

The stone cold facts: Toxins are dramatically impacting our health and it is critical to be proactive before it’s to late– Cleanse/Detox regularly, develop healthy eating habits, exercise, meditate and reduce the amount of stress in your life.

I share this today because knowledge is power and the best thing that I can do is inform others of important information. Yes, I have a 14 Day Cleanse Program and I would love for anyone serious about their health to join, but this I know this program is not right for everyone. This is the real deal, and not everyone is ready to commit to a completely clean diet for 14 days. Also, some people have too much on their plate (literally and figuratively) and need to make some adjustments before taking something like this on. Some would benefit more with a more gentle, gradual approach– and if that is you, reach out and I will happily make some suggestions and recommendations! Hopefully this email has at least perked some ears, inspired some to start to take notice and be more conscious of what goes in and on the body. Most people come to me after it is too late and they are forced to make a dramatic change. Please, don’t let that happen to you.

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