The Vatican Is Training New Exorcists; How Common Are Energetic Attachments?


On a late night drive home from a family get together, I switched on the radio, grateful for George Noory, the host of Coast to Coast am to keep me company. My ears perked up as he read the news announcing that “there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for exorcisms, (According to Vatican News, the number of Italians seeking exorcists has tripled to half a million people) the Vatican was conducting a week-long course in April 2018 to train priests in how to rid people of demonic possession.”




I remember reading once that most cases of alleged demonic possession were prompted by psychological and spiritual issues, not actual demons.

The story took me back to my own “exorcism” of sorts, in January of 2016. You see, I had been on a two year deep dive of spiritual seeking; attending workshops and classes to learn a variety of magical modalities such as the art of pendulum use, mediumship, candle magick, energy and crystal healing, mirror scrying, shamanism, and even… gasp… communicating with spirits on the Ouija Board. It was all absolutely thrilling. However, a year into my studies, something strange started to happen. I began to have powerful sensations at the top of my head (the crown chakra).


Marla the crystal healer

It felt as if someone was lightly touching my hair. I was excited because I figured it meant I was opening up and possibly becoming more psychic. It had also happened on occasion in the middle of the night, a strange sensation that would shoot through my brain; the sound was a sort of zapping sound with a vvvzzzzzzzvvpp! One night it actually jolted my head off the pillow. I turned onto my side, and instantly, my body was filled with the most intense energy I have ever felt. Something powerful had come in though my crown chakra!

I had been asking for a high level guide to connect with me in order to channel. So, I assumed that it was an entity trying to connect with me. I was completely paralyzed for a few moments and I realized that my mouth was wide open as well, so I figured whoever was here was trying to speak. But the energy felt dark and it frightened me terribly.



I mentally called for The Archangel Michael to come and stand in the room for protection, and then I told the entity to leave. I felt the energy leave right away, but my body remained tingly. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to comprehend what had occurred.

As the weeks passed, I continued to feel considerable stimulation at the top of my head. My stomach was causing me pain and bloating, my solar plexis felt hard and I had a sore right arm. It all felt connected somehow, but I also thought it could be parasites. Maybe I needed to do a juice cleanse.

I decided to book a session with my spiritual teacher, Goddess Tauheedah at The Imagine Center in Los Angeles. Tauheedah is a powerful healer and receives messages from spirit guides.


Goddess Tauheedah


I entered the dimly lit healing room and sat across from Tauheedah on a folding chair. She asked me how I was feeling, and I explained the odd symptoms.

“I wonder if I have parasites. I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh, and I kiss my dog a lot.”

Tauheedah smiled, I knew that she was a dog-lover, so I figured she would understand. “Ok, let me tune into your energy field,” she said. “I’ll be able to find out what’s going on with that.”

We both closed our eyes and took some deep breaths. Tauheedah connected with the non-physical.

“I’m hearing something about you using some kind of a board.”

“Yes.” Wow. Was her connection with my guides, hers, or angels or what? “I connect with my angels on a talking board.”

“Do you cleanse the board?”

“No, I only cleansed it once. I did a whole ritual with sage, and prayers, etc.”

“You need to cleanse it. Have you been seeing psychics?” she asked.

I explained that yes, I had, and had attending many workshops, practicing and learning new modalities.

“They’re saying that the problem is with the board, and also someone you have been working with, maybe a psychic. And are you using some kind of psychic tool?”

“Well, I have been wearing a magnet on my forehead for the past couple of weeks to try to open my third eye.” Dang, I thought, nothing gets by Tauheedah. This woman is tuned in.

She looked off to the side, listening. “Stop using it for now.”


Tauheedah gave me a meaningful look. “You have an infiltration.”

I nodded. “That’s what I thought. Parasites, huh?”

“No, you have an infiltration of low-vibrational entities. There are six of them.”

My mouth hung open. Holy guacamole. I was possessed?

Tauheedah led me to the table, and I lay down on my back. She placed a mask over my eyes, and went to work placing crystals on and around my body. By their weight, I could feel that she was using the really big crystals. No little piddly-ass stones. Apparently, I needed the big guns. She vigorously shook her rattle, breaking up energy and clearing over and over again with her hands and her breath.

“There are two more,” she said, continuing to clear.

Shit! “There are eight?”

“Yes. And Marla, your guides have been disabled. They have been kept away.”

I told Tauheedah about the night that the powerful energy came in through my crown chakra. It suddenly made sense.

“Yes, that was the main entity. They come in through the crown. There are two more, one in your throat.”

Tauheedah also explained that the entities had energetic “wiring” wrapped around my jaw and behind my ears. She worked diligently with a crystal wand to remove the entity in my throat. It seemed especially stubborn.

“My right arm has been hurting.”

“I’m not surprised. There is an entity between your heart chakra and your rib cage.”

She removed the last entity and continued to clear me. I felt a cool menthol sensation at my crown chakra.

Tauheedah continued shaking her rattle and clearing with her breath and hands, “Okay…okay…yes…your guides are back. Here they come.”

This was all too incredible. I tried to wrap my mind around this.

I started to shiver. I was freezing. Tauheedah helped me to sit up, and she did some clearing on my back.

She told me to return in two weeks to build my energy field back up, and fill it with love and light. She also cautioned me not to do any psychic work for the time being, not even meditation, and to take a salt bath when I got home.

How on earth could this have happened to me? I had been so diligent in my studies and efforts to raise my vibration. I guess I had been naïve, thinking that everything was all unicorns and rainbows. I felt I was above the dark energies, untouchable in a way. Apparently not. What if I hadn’t come in for a clearing?

I was in awe of Tauheedah’s powers to remove dark entities.

I left the center in a daze, but my stomach was no longer bloated, and the pain had left my arm. I felt lighter, cleansed, and relieved, but also felt shame that I had somehow opened myself up to lower energies.

In our next session, Tauheedah told me that it was actually a good thing that this happened to me so that when a client came to me for an energy healing with symptoms of an infiltration, I would know how they felt and what they were going through.

I asked her about the many workshops I had attended. I thought that maybe I could have picked up something there.

She agreed that when a person attends workshops and events with many people, there are lots of spirits hanging around, and one can certainly become attached that way. It is very common.

I felt amazing and completely free after our second session. My feelings quickly shifted from shame to that of a certified cardholder in a private club—a spiritual adept, who went to the dark side and made it through!

You can read more stories about my magical adventures, in my spiritual memoir:



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