The Route to Living a Toxin Free Life



Just because there have been a number of medical advancements over all the years, you cannot claim that you are completely healthy. Why? Because you are filling up your body with toxins, either knowingly or unknowingly. Toxins gradually affect your skin, your body, and ultimately interfere with your way of living. Detoxification allows you to live a life that is not only healthy but also clean. However, you should have a proper knowledge as to how you can live a life that is free from the harmful toxins. Given below are the ways in which you can help your body and your life become toxin free.



Buy organic

Try to reduce the synthetic chemicals in your diet and add as many nutrients as you can. Consume organic animal and plant products as they are rich in all the necessary nutrients that are required by the body. Refrain from taking in refined sugar as well as processed foods which include the canned and frozen foods. Avoid vegetable oils and potato chips, even though the packaging claims that it is free from trans fat. These foods are capable of introducing toxins to the regular food supply that you are giving to your body.




Exercise not only allows you to lose weight and burn the excess calories, but it also allows your body to release toxins. When you are exercising, you sweat. Sweating helps in stimulating the skin by releasing the toxins through the skin. When your blood pumps, it also stimulates the detoxifying organs like the liver, lungs and kidneys. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with filtered water before and after you have completed the workout.



Eat cruciferous vegetables

Introduce cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, mustard greens, Brussels sprouts, collard greens, and kale into your daily diet. Also, consume leeks, onions and garlic as they are rich in nutrients which are capable of supporting a healthy detoxification.



Using organic product on your skin

It is important to detoxify your body from both inside and outside. Try to reduce the chemicals that you use on a daily basis. These chemicals include the detergent powders or the synthetic liquids which helps you to clean the home, do the laundry or wash the dishes. You should not neglect your skin as it is the largest organ of the body. Choosing natural products helps in protecting your skin from the unwanted problems. You should ensure that you are using nutritious products for makeup, lotions, toothpaste, and shampoo. Organic products allow you to live a toxin-free life, as each product may be the outcome of years of research by a Toxicologist, who studies the harmful effects of different chemicals.


Find out if you have a condition

It is important to identify if you have excess toxins in your body, symptoms include: suffering from headaches, fatigue, eczema, bloating, etc. you might want to seek the advice of an expert on cleanses or an herbalist or holistic doctor.

Following these basic guidelines will help in decreasing your exposure to toxins, on get on the road to vibrant health!