The Path of Self-Love


Today’s post is brought to us by blogger Isabel William

Self-love? Really? Isn’t that just an old cliché? Nope, it’s really not!

You know why? Because you can’t grow, change and improve if you don’t know or love yourself. You can’t succeed and attain happiness if you don’t believe in your own worth. Yet, it seems that many people focus on everything else but themselves. They worry too much about what other people think of them, burden themselves with other people’s expectations and fall into the endless cycle of self-criticism because they compare themselves to others. The victim? Their own self-esteem and happiness.

Despite trying to focus on your goals, if you don’t walk the path of self-acceptance and self-love, you will never reach your destination.

The truth behind self-esteem

The most important opinion you can have, is the one you have about yourself.  Your perception of your own worth, abilities and features can greatly affect your life. Your self-esteem will motivate you to pursue your dreams, help you overcome obstacles in your life and contribute to your happiness, self-satisfaction and general well-being.

If you have a persistent negative image of yourself, this can have a negative impact on your mental health. You may feel unworthy of love and happiness and incapable to succeed in life. Your entire life perspective can become quite negative, which can further lead to anxiety and depression.

By not believing in yourself and your abilities, you’ll feel reluctant to take risks in life. Even if you do, your disbelief in your own capabilities will reduce your chances of success. Experiencing failure after failure, your initial opinion of yourself will become even stronger. Furthermore, since the body and mind are closely intertwined, you may even experience psychosomatic health problems.



The key: self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the first step towards self-love and enhanced self-esteem. Learning to accept yourself entirely, with all your flaws and qualities, will help you acquire a more positive image of yourself, which will eventually boost your self-esteem. Focusing solely on the negative, such as your flaws, mistakes or failures, will inevitably depict a faulty person. However, that’s not who you are. It is a part of you – after all, none of us is perfect.

Nonetheless, it’s just a fraction of your personality. You need to recognize your qualities and previous success rather than letting just one side of you define who you are. By accepting yourself, you’ll be able to attain inner peace and stop burdening yourself with your self-image. Instead, you can empower yourself and take control over your life.



The way: hypnotherapy

The path of self-love and self-acceptance is a challenging one because the causes behind your low self-esteem are deeply rooted in your personality and your subconsciousness. In fact, your ability to accept yourself is greatly determined by your past experiences, especially from childhood. Research has shown that children are able to accept themselves to the extent that their parents accept them.

Later on, during adolescence, self-esteem is at its most vulnerable and negative experiences may make it fragile. Therefore, accepting yourself can be more difficult if you’ve gone through certain traumas and negative experiences., such as being bullied or abandoned. In such cases, you may need professional help and guidance that can be found in therapy.

While there are different types of therapy, hypnotherapy has proven to be quite effective in increasing one’s self-esteem. Hypnosis has become an accredited practice in Australia while in other countries, such as California, hypnosis is accepted under the scope of a particular practice, but not licensed as a separate discipline.

Nonetheless, hypnosis is quite effective when it comes to self-acceptance and self-esteem because it can identify underlying causes behind your negative image of self and open your mind to change at a subconscious level. Furthermore, a qualified hypnotherapist from Sydney offers a hypnosis treatment specifically designed to tackle the issues of self-esteem and self-confidence, and help an individual develop a realistic image of themselves.

Therefore, if you need support to improve your self-esteem and accept yourself, this approach may help you uncover the root causes and change your negative thought patterns.



The result: self-love

Only when you’ve faced the causes behind your low self-esteem will you be able to accept yourself. Afterwards, you’ll finally be able to enjoy your self-love, which will put you on the road towards happiness and success. Loving yourself is the prerequisite for loving others and establishing meaningful relationships. It will free yourself from negativity and help you stop comparing yourself to others. Self-love, self-acceptance and healthy self-esteem will help you overcome obstacles in your life and establish a meaningful relationship with your inner self.



The reward: inner happiness and success

After this turbulent journey of facing your inner struggles, embracing both the good and the bad in you and learning to love yourself, you’ll finally be able to attain happiness and success. With your belief in your abilities, you won’t be afraid to go after your goals and dreams. You won’t be trapped in your negativity and you’ll be able to focus on joy and happiness you have in your life.

Only when you learn to love yourself will you attain inner peace, happiness and success, and the first step you need to take is the one towards self-acceptance.