The Most Magical Day At The Conscious Life Expo!


Saturday, February 11th, 2017 will go down as one of the best days of my life! WOW!

You might be thinking… hmmm… Marla, what happened? Did you win the lottery? Get offered a part in film opposite Johnny Depp? Spend the day shopping in Paris? Nope.. I spent the day with my gal pal, and Women of Ouija co-host, Karen A Dahlman at the Conscious Life Expo!

Yep, Karen drove up from Orange County, and we went hog wild! It’s a once a year expo extravaganza at the LAX Hilton Hotel. The exposition occupies three floors and offers over 200 speakers, workshops, lectures and special events. To spiritual junkies like us, it’s equivalent to an addict mainlining heroin at an orgy.

It’s  the one day a year that I allow myself to fill my wallet with a few hundred in cash, and just go have fun.

We ran into some old friends and enjoyed being “paranerds” together...


With Alan Steinfeld


With George Noory


My motto is, “Life is meant to be fun!” When we bring fun, play, laughter and child like energy to our lives, our vibration rises, and that’s a good thing! When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we attract abundance, health, love and all sorts of amazing things into the mix!


I created a video compilation of our magical day!