The Beauty Of Following Your Bliss

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You have probably heard that a large percentage of people in our society are shlepping off everyday to a job that they hate. Or if they don’t hate it, they certainly can’t say that they love it. If you won the lottery today, what would be the first thing that you would do? Many people would quit their job. If your work is not providing a sense of meaning and purpose, then sit down and decide what your ideal day would be like. How would you spend your time and share your gifts?

Beauty comes from the inside out, so when we are happy on the inside, we glow on the outside. Living a beautiful life means sharing your God given talents & leaping out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get started with your day.

I used to work my butt off for a boss that was unethical and demeaning. I was working myself to the bone so that he could take three day weekends in the desert and drive the latest Mercedes. I started to resent him as anger and frustration bubbled beneath the surface sending me on frequent visits to the doctor in hopes of figuring out why bouts of bronchitis kept returning, why I was exhausted, crippled by carpel tunnel and reaching for the bottle of chardonnay instead of herbal tea or green juice as I walked through the door at night.

In Dan Miller’s book, No More Dreaded Monday’s, he says, ” When we spend forty to fifty hours a week doing something that is unconnected to our calling, we’re miserable not just at work but at home as well.”

The best thing that happened to me was a blow up at the office that sent me packing. I took a good look at my life and how I wanted to spend the second half. I ended up starting my own business right from a corner in my living room on a makeshift desk with a laptop and a printer. Four years later, business in booming and feel like the luckiest lady on the planet to be pulling my own strings and making love connections.

But what if you are stuck in a job because there are bills to pay, mouths to feed and you can’t take the risk and quit? You can still cultivate your passion on the side. Think about what you already do as a hobby or something that you would do for free because you love it so much. That is most likely your ticket to paradise! For example, even though I love matchmaking, I have always wanted to be able to heal people energetically and spiritually. I am now taking classes to be certified as a crystal healer. The class is every other week, I am studying on my own time and slowly getting my skills up. I am practicing on my friends, family and dog and soon will be able to put out my shingle. I won’t quit matchmaking but this will enhance what I am already doing.

I want to share this inspiring video about a woman that is living a real life fantasy!

20 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Following Your Bliss”

  1. Marcia RichardsMarcia Richards

    This is an important message to all who are drowning in stress or unhappiness. Following your passion/bliss/heart is the best gift you can give yourself. Great post, Marla!

  2. AudreyAudrey

    I HAD to click on the video… an amazing story! I feel blessed to have been able to cobble together several jobs that I love, each of which feeds a different passion in me.

  3. Kitt CrescendoKitt Crescendo

    I, too, got stuck for a while in a job with an unappreciative boss…overworked, stressed. Similarly to you, losing my job caused me to rethink my life and my goals. I rediscovered passions I’d allowed to stagnate and found a balance I hadn’t had in 20+ years between my personal and professional life. Life is to short not to live it passionately.

  4. Eden MabeeEden Mabee

    Becoming a real-life mermaid… That’s a dream I’d never have imagined, but it’s incredible. She’s an amazingly brave woman. Thanks for highlighting her, Marla, and the need to dream.

    Sometimes finding one’s bliss is the real challenge. But that can be a beautiful experience too, I suspect.

  5. Lynn KelleyLynn Kelley

    Your demanding job sounds awful. Good for you starting your own business and doing something you love to do. I worked as a part-time court reporter for 25 years while hubby and I raised our four kids. It was a super stressful job that I never liked, but our family needed the money. I’m thankful I’m no longer doing that job. These days I’m care giver for two of my four grandchildren. They’re 2 1/2 and eight months and they kick my butt! The grandkids are the joy of my life and are a goldmine for a children’s author.

  6. Inion N. MathairInion N. Mathair

    Great post, Marla. Mathair and I have never been so happy since we began writing together. We both have had odd jobs here and there to keep our house afloat, but once we go into our writing room it’s like we feel an inner peace settle over us. Most people commend us for being able to work with each other, (We get a lot of “I could never work with my mother.” “My daughter drives me crazy.” comments), but we’re so happy. Hope you have a great weekend. Happy BOAW

    February 28, 2014
  7. Raani YorkRaani York

    I have to admit, I like my job, even though it’s not what I really LOVE to do: writing. But it keeps me busy, challenges me and feeds me and the cats. For the moment it’s my “weapon” and “security” to guarantee that I can do a lot of things I’ve always wanted to do.
    I love your post!

    February 27, 2014
  8. Kassandra LambKassandra Lamb

    Amen, amen, amen! I started out my adult life working in the business world. I enjoyed my job but certainly didn’t bound out of bed with enthusiasm in the mornings. Finally I took the plunge and started my own business doing what I really wanted to do. Best decision ever!

    February 27, 2014
  9. August McLaughlinAugust McLaughlin

    Great take on the theme, Marla! I’m such a fan of following our bliss, and absolutely feel it’s the pathway to inner beauty that radiates outward.

    Thanks for participating in the fest!

    February 27, 2014

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