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  Divine love is that which we are seeking. I want to share an excerpt from Zarathustra’s book, Lightning Notes of Zarathustra. The Divine love permeates everything. It is because of Her love that you and I are able to breathe, walk, talk, and do everything we do. So keep it simple by staying grateful[ … ]

    Is attracting your soul mate something that you dream about, but you keep repeating destructive patterns in your relationships? It can be frustrating and daunting to try to figure out what you keep doing wrong. Through my work as a matchmaker I see singles repeating patterns and basically selecting different partners, only in[ … ]

When we think about love, our soul mate, settling down and getting married, and so on, we often go back to our childhood thoughts on this subject. These thoughts condition how we think, and what we expect our relationships to look like. Many women think they should be in a relationship, not because they really[ … ]

Happy Friday! I am loving the cool weather in Los Angeles after a hellish summer. The thermostat in my house says 66 degrees. 30 degrees lower than many days this summer. I am enjoying a cup of hot tea with my feet in a pair of slippers, snuggled under my dog Macie who is all[ … ]