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How the best high end matchmaking services work. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Every single one of us longs to love and be loved in return by that special soul mate. No matter how many bad relationships we suffer through, how many disastrous dates we go on, or what painful divorces[ … ]

  With the boom of online dating, the days of waiting for a chance meeting with the girl or guy of your dreams is over. A simple click or swipe can lead to a date, which eventually can lead to a trip down the aisle. Although you want to put yourself on the market, you[ … ]

  Recently I was interviewed on Playboy radio. A couple of the topics that came up were what men and women look for physically in a partner, and online profiles. Women tend to look for men that are taller than themselves, often MUCH taller. A gentleman called in and shared with us that he was[ … ]

If you are single and on any of the dating sites, you are probably familiar with the “coffee date.” They are convenient and efficient, and if you don’t hit it off, you can move on without seeming rude. If there are sparks, you can move onto lunch, happy hour or even dinner. I am a[ … ]