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  Divine love is that which we are seeking. I want to share an excerpt from Zarathustra’s book, Lightning Notes of Zarathustra. The Divine love permeates everything. It is because of Her love that you and I are able to breathe, walk, talk, and do everything we do. So keep it simple by staying grateful[ … ]

Hi everyone, I hope that you are all having a fantastic October. I have some treats for you. As you know, I love FREE things! I have four free books to tell you about today. The first one is a book that I am reading now called, Chakra Secrets, by Becca Chopra. I am absolutely[ … ]

Happy Sunday. It is a gorgeous morning here in Los Angeles. The birds are chirping and I am looking forward to a nice dip in the pool. I thought today I would share the first chapter of my latest memoir, Hearts On The Line. amazing Horrendously long line at ’Bucks this morning—though I allowed plenty[ … ]