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  Milwaukee is a beautiful city full of stunning views of Lake Michigan, ethnic festivals, great food and drink, a thriving art scene and plenty to see and do. It’s the perfect place to visit or set up home, and if you’ve just started a relationship, there’s plenty of good days out that can help[ … ]

  Today’s post is brought to us by blogger Isabel William Confidence you say? How in the heck do I get that? Well, let’s start off with a first word of encouragement – you are far from alone in feeling self-doubt. In fact, even those beaming individuals who appear to have it all figured out[ … ]

      So, who would have imagined that little ole me would be considered a vegan chef? Ha! Well, at least for one day I was. I had such an amazing time with the amazing Jane Velez-Mitchell yesterday. She came to my house with the equally fabulous Lisa Karlin (co producer of #lunchbreaklive) and I[ … ]