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Now that you’ve found a soul mate, you want to make sure that your relationship has a winning chance, right? Lets talk about how to keep your man now that you got him. If we look at the statistics, at least 50% of you will be getting a divorce. Break-ups and divorces are painful, sad,[ … ]

  Looking for potential dates online is now one of the most commonly chosen ways of finding a match, and while it doesn’t offer the same tailored experience as using a professional matchmaker, it can be a good way to see what the dating pool where you are looks like! There are a lot of[ … ]

  You’ve found your one true love, a person who you can share an ice cream with, a pet with, a home and now your bank accounts too. That’s when an engagement becomes most real. You truly become a two-person team in the game of love when you combine financial resources and debt. Engagement, however,[ … ]