Sugar Free & Loving It!


I had to share this post that my friend, Nykki Hardin wrote about going nuts at the munchie table at a party. I can so relate. I am like Nykki, ultra sensitive to processed food, pesticides, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. I have such a clean diet and try to only put high quality food into my body, that when I indulge once in a blue moon… I pay for it for days! Nykki, I feel your pain……

It has taken years, but I have come to love this hyper sensitive body God gave me. I now understand the purpose – because let me tell you, this vessel is easily affected and therefore is very good testing ground….

It all started Saturday…

I was at a friends birthday party having a great time and somehow found myself near the munchie table. I glanced over and there they were, staring me dead in the face. Chocolate chip cookies. My all time fave and almost always irresistible. These were not just any cookie. The plate was filled with deceptively delicious, soft, round, fluffy, and moist little round circles of “goodness.” (aka, addictive and manipulative)

I’m proud to say that today I am almost 100% sugar-free and rarely eat processed foods. This is a choice, and I feel no deprivation. There is no “missing out.” When a dessert arrives at the table, if I feel inclined, I will sample the goods. But I am immediately reminded that this is not what my body craves nor appreciates. The desire comes from my mind and often an emotional attachment.

This evening in particular, my filters were not present. Caught up in the moment, unconsciously I went right in for the cookies and happily devoured every bite. I backed this with a dark chocolate truffle and walked away, hitting my peak.

By the time I arrived home, my belly was NOT happy. Despite being tired, I could not relax or get to sleep. The entire night was spent tossing and turning, and I woke feeling lethargic and depressed. I lacked desire to participate in my day. From the moment my eyes opened, all I thought about was eating more chocolate. It was as though a dark chocolate cloud hung over my head. I was irritable and short fused. My mental processes about myself and my life were… NOT Positive. At one point I broke down crying for no reason. I was so exhausted, I could not focus or concentrate to save my life. What in the world was wrong with me? And then I remembered‚Ķ

The snack table… The sugar and processed ingredients from baked goods at the party. Suddenly the clouds cleared, and it all made sense. I saw clearly the effect these poisons were having on my body, my mood, my emotions, my energy, my sleep, my thoughts about myself, and thus my life. AND HOW IMMEDIATE AND HOW DRAMATIC! This understanding helped to ease the suffering knowing that this experience would pass once my body had “detoxed.”

You see, because my body is so clean and used to being filled with very high quality, high vibrational food, and NOT sugars, processed chemicals, additives preservatives, and all of the things that most of our diets are loaded with, I am hypersensitive to the times when these things do leak in. This is a gift, because it allows me to help you — for me to experience just how powerful these things are and to share my experience in order to help you understand!

FOOD IS MEDICINE! It is directly related to every aspect if your daily experience- starting with sleep, your desire to get out of bed, your energy, your thoughts, your moods…. All of it. And if you do not believe me, then do an experiment and for two weeks cut out sugar and see how different you feel and the changes that result in your life. A life without sugar is not living in deprivation- it is called being EMPOWERED! Feeling good about yourself knowing you are making good choices and that by saying no, you are actually being STRONG and going against the grain of society. This is admirable!

If your life has become overrun by sugar and you are tired of feeling out of control, step into my office. This is one of my specialties and one of my faves!! Email me at : or take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation. I’m here to help, just let me know how I can support you in your journey!

We all deserve to thrive!