Single Girl Makeover: 4 Tips to Refresh the Dating Game

Ladies, has the dating scene been a bit dull lately? Do you feel like bachelors have been swiping left rather than right on your Tinder profile? There’s no doubt about it, love is a battlefield, and dating can feel like a lonely fight. How can a girl compete?

Of course, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. We know that. But, a couple of makeover-type tweaks here and there could help snag the glances of a few more potential suitors. The best guy will grow smitten with your personality and fall in love with your soul… but it doesn’t hurt to change up the dating bait a little bit, too.
Redo Your ‘Do

Ladies, nothing can affect your love life more than low confidence. And nothing can boost your confidence like a new hairdo. Hair maintenance like a root retouch or slight trim are beauty necessities, but you may be in need of an entire hair overhaul. Change up your look to reignite that sass in your step. Elizabeth Olsen chopped her long tresses for a chic wavy bob, and Hollywood responded in adoration. Say goodbye to inches off your hair or sweep your hair with highlights for a fresh new you.
Accessorize With Timeless Style

Most men don’t expect women to don designer labels from head to toe. If anything, dating a fashionista is a bit high-maintenance for the average man. But high-quality, timeless accessories can pull an outfit together to create an impeccable sense of style, whether you’re glammed out or going laid-back on a casual day date. Invest in a luxurious designer handbag made from rich, touchable leather. Capture the iconic signature style of Audrey Hepburn with a new pair of distinctive shades. For wrist candy, a rose gold timepiece can complement any look with a touch of classic sophistication.
Go Au Natural

The most beautiful thing a gal can wear is her sparkling smile. But if your smile is overpowered by layers of makeup, you may need a beauty “makeunder.” A natural beauty knows how to complement her contagious smile by accentuating her best assets with natural subtlety. For example, if your lips are a game changer, make ’em shine with a light, clear gloss or lip-plumping balm in a neutral hue or nude matte stain.

Use a refined finish facial polish to exfoliate dead skin and unveil skin’s natural radiance. Ditch the heavy eyeliner and dark eyeshadow to open up your eyes. Then brush highlighter onto your cheekbones and apply minimal under-eye concealer, mascara and gloss for a soft glow.
Find a Fitness Hobby

Has your gym membership collected some dust lately? Exercise promotes physical health and mental wellness and when you’re feeling your best, you’re looking your best. If you’re bored with your exercise regime, challenge yourself with a new type of workout. Get toned with hot yoga or try CrossFit to for a stronger physique. Sculpt your body with ballet barre workouts or start training for a half-marathon. Men admire women who are passionate about a hobby, and how you lifted weights for the first time ever is a great a conversation starter for those awkward first dates. Plus, hikes and outdoor jogs are great activities to do as a pair for dates two and three.