Simple Tips For Novice Online Daters

Online dating is a useful social tool that can help you find your perfect match. These dating apps and websites can introduce you to a variety of people and create platforms for easy interaction. However, there are many faux pas in online dating — don’t ruin your chances of finding romance through a behavioral blunder. Make use of certain techniques when you establish your profile, partner criteria, the in-person date and the post-date follow up. Here are some tips for how you should approach online dating:


When you create your online dating profile, make sure you are open about who you are and what you’re looking for. Be tactful in the way you share information about yourself; there is a fine line between openness and oversharing. Provide information about your hobbies, your career, your favorite genres of music and media and why you’re involved in online dating. These categories will help people see whether or not they share common interests with you but won’t deter them from reaching out. If you try and go too deep on your profile — through posting political opinions, religious quotes or other controversial topics — you might limit the amount of people who respond. Your internet profile is all about the first impression. A misstep in the impression you make could keep you from meeting a potential partner. You can establish more depth and foster a genuine connection once you meet your romantic interest in-person.

Set Criteria

As you search for potential dates, make sure you have a checklist of criteria. You want to be strategic with your time and energy, so you don’t become burnt out in your search. Create a checklist that prioritizes the characteristics you’d like to find in a partner. This checklist can serve as a guide as you browse the available individuals on the site. However, it shouldn’t limit your open-mindedness toward dating someone who is different than what you imagined. Many online dating websites, like and Matchmaker, will match you with potential partners through their match-making algorithms. However, some sites may fail to find you someone that you connect with. Make sure you explore online dating options that put the control in your hands — Tinder and OkCupid are more DIY in their matchmaking features.

The Date

Set up a date spot that is convenient for both you and your date — find a restaurant, bar or cafe that isn’t too far from either of your homes. For the first date, it is important that the two of you have the opportunity for conversation so you can get to know one another better. Make sure you know when you should step in and step out of conversation so you both have an equal chance to both talk and listen. When you are engaged in conversation, make sure you aren’t constantly distracted by your phone. If you must have access to your phone notification, make sure you have a phone that is discrete in its display. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is an ideal smartphone for dating, as it has side screen notifications that won’t be noticeable to your date. Also make sure you are polite in the way that you treat your servers. There are etiquette guides and books that will help you impress your date and make your in-person meetup a success.

Follow Up

You should always follow up with your date, even if the meetup wasn’t as big of a hit as you hoped. If you aren’t interested in a second date, send them a sincere message that briefly explains how you feel about the misconnection. The sooner you write and send this difficult message, the better. If you are interested in a second date, spend some time to plan a more impressive date than the first. Take into account the unique stories or personality insights you picked up from the first date and integrate those into your second date plans. Reach out to your romantic interest and propose your next meetup. Regardless of if they accept or reject, you shouldn’t worry. There are plenty of other fish out there in the online dating world.