Simple Things that are Spiritually Healthy for you


It’s of utmost importance to make and keep strong relationships with the people you interact with on a daily basis—your friends and family, your co-workers in the office, the baristas in the coffee shop you frequent, etc.—but it is just as important to maintain a really good relationship with your spiritual beliefs, and ultimately, yourself. It does not matter whether you believe in Christianity, Islam, or Taoism; what matters regardless of your religion is your spirituality and faith, and they have to be on top of your priorities in life. Religions have only one goal: it is that moment you could completely surrender and abandon. It is also by far the most powerful and meaningful action of all. By doing so, you are allowing your God or the Universe to take charge of your life while you enjoy and relax as it happens. The power of the Internet has afforded us to talk to experts who can help us during tough times. For example, you can opt to get a love tarot reading for relationship issues if you are having one. This way, your problems will be heard by talented and wise tarot readers and psychic and you will have much more confidence to decide and act on it.

  Here’s a list of some simple things you can do every day to aid yourself to spiritual growth. By doing these things, you can filter out the negative vibes in your life while you keep the positive ones.

Maximize the positive vibes around you.
The law of attraction is a teaching that has garnered millions of following all around the world—because it actually works. For those who do not understand how it works, you just have to want something so bad, and soon you will eventually get it. You should know and learn how to attract people who are in the same league as you, those who are also wanting to be healthy spiritually. There are people who enjoy and want the simple things that life has to offer—nothing superficial—be with them. Do you have really negative people at work? Stay clear of their presence. Instead, be with guys and girls who share the same positive disposition in life. Talk about the weather, give and take compliments, say thank you, smile to a stranger on your way to work, and pray before going to bed. These are simple things that go a really long way.

Spend, and eventually enjoy, some quiet, alone times.
There will always come a time when everything is just too much—the noise, the pollution, the traffic, etc. That is why we encourage you to take a day off going to a quiet place. After a long day’s work, you may want to visit a park where there are not many people or in a museum in the city. Being in a quiet place gives you an opportunity to think and contemplate many things in life. Close your eyes and feel the energy that drives everything. Think of happy things—of what you want to eat in the morning, of who you wish to catch up on with on the weekends, etc.

Go on a nature/hiking trip.
Going on a hike or nature trip is a fun, cheap way to connect to yourself. Be one with the nature and enjoy the greens of the mountains and forests. These long walks will allow you to practice your breathing as you are being heralded by birds’ music. If you have an important decision to make that needs to be thought over, you may go on a hike. By the time you have reached the peak, you would have already made a decision. Plus, hiking is in itself a spiritual therapy.

Read uplifting and inspirational books.
No, this does not mean you would go to your favorite bookstore to buy new books. You would not even have to shell out a dollar to enjoy reading. You may choose to visit the public library in your city and loan some book titles that are meant to inspire and motivate you to become a better person. You can even start to finish the books you said you would finish that are collecting dust in your drawers. Read and digest each and every single positive thing and identify how these things can be applied in your everyday life.

Learn how to do yoga.
Yoga, in all its literal sense, means union. Our rishi ancestors have taught us that stretching, exercising, and balancing are activities that let us experience a union with our God. Plus, yoga is a complete workout good for your body. It lets you sweat out physically and be well spiritually.

Give thanks, no matter how small.
Do not let moments pass by without saying thanks to that kind person who held the door for you. Or the guy who offered you his bus seat on your way home. Always verbalize and express your gratitude. Your thank you will go a long way and would create a never-ending ripple. It will make their day happy, and they will good especially if you recognize their kindness.

Don’t beat yourself up too much.
Everything happens for a reason. You are human—you will make mistakes to yourself and to the people around you. You cannot help it; we are designed to learn from our mistakes. But we are not our mistakes. We are our conscious effort to become a better version of ourselves. We are the learning that comes after a mistake. So never hold any grudges and learn to forgive other people, especially yourself. The first step is to accept the fact that you are bound to make mistakes. Second is to accept what you did and make a conscious decision never to repeat it. Once you are able to let it go, you can then move forward with a smile on your face and a promise to do better tomorrow.

Do you have other things to add to the list? Leave a comment below!