Should You Fear The Ouija Board?


In my latest memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It; A Field Guide To EnLITEenment, I tell the story of two years of my life. A spiritual quest, a journey, that I will never forget. Along the way, I dabbled in connecting with the other side. I became fascinated with the “Talking Board” otherwise now known as the Ouija Board.

I longed to meet someone who also used the board, and as luck would have it, met an incredible woman, Karen A. Dahlman, a Ouijaologist! In her book, The Spirits of Ouija: Four Decades of Communication, Karen shares with the reader the unfair misconceptions Ouija has received over the years, from its fall from grace of the parlor rooms of yesteryear to the forgotten dark corners of today’s closets. Karen provides the how to’s, the don’ts, the warnings, & recommendations.

Hollywood and the media has invoked so much fear around the Ouija Board, that even hearing the name can send chills up and down your spine. Karen explains that it isn’t the board, but the energy and the life of the person using it that calls in entities and spirits, the board is neutral, just a piece of wood or cardboard.

Marla & Karen
Marla & Karen

A little background: Ouija is the trademarked name of William Fuld’s most famous product. The generic terms for this type of divination device are: talking board, spirit board, and communication board. Since Ouija is the oldest known brand name, most folks erroneously refer to all talking boards as Ouija like calling all photocopiers Xeroxes or all tissues Kleenex. Talking boards are one modality used for divinationOther modalities include the casting of Runes, peering into a scrying glass, throwing bones (dice), reading tea leaves or Tarot cards, visiting the Oracle of Delphi, astrology, or simple meditation. Humans have attempted to receive messages from the beyond since the beginning of time.

On my journey, I met several other fascinating women who also love using the board. I recount our experiences in my book.

Karen and I created a fun video series called, The Women Of Ouija to educate and dispel some of the myths around the board and to encourage people to open their minds and take a look at this unique divination tool with a fresh perspective.

I would love to hear about your experiences with the board. Have you used the board? If not, would you be open to trying it? Are you afraid, if so why?