Should You Dump Your High Heels?

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They say dog is man’s best friend. I would have to agree. But who is woman’s best friend? Could it be… HIGH HEELS? Ha! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. As a matchmaker of over fifteen years,  thousands of single women have explained to me why they can’t meet a man under six feet tall. It usually goes like this:

“Marla, I know I am only 5’3″, but I live in my 5 inch heels so I just couldn’t dream of dating a man who is under six feet tall.”

“Well, Jenny, I hear you, and I hope that you and your heels will have a very happy life together.”

Do women in general really put too much emphasis on shoes? Are some women actually willing to be single the rest of their lives, possibly passing up meeting their soul mate just so that they can prance around town in stilettos?

Sex and The City was one of my all time favorite shows. Although Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with shoes didn’t dictate the type or height of the men she dated, it did drain her financially. In season 4, episode 16 of Sex and The City,  after their break up, Aidan gave Carrie 30 days to get together the cash to buy her apartment back from him… otherwise, the apartment shall be hers no longer. Yikes! It’s at this point that Carrie deals with her financial reality. Carrie, of course, is broke. She’s an over-spender and an under-saver, and has nothing in the way of financial assets. Except of course, her shoes. Miranda helps her do the math and figure out where all of her hard earned money went. Carrie replies,  “I’ve spent $40,000 on shoes?”



I recently interviewed my gal pal, August McLaughlin of Girl Boner radio about her social experiment. She wore only flats for a year. YES! #HeelFree

August’s reason, you may be wondering?

“I’m doing this in honor of the women who were turned away from Cannes film festival for wearing flats. It’s part social-experiment, part person-growth challenge—one that I hope will benefit others.

One thing my journey has taught me is that the most uncomfortable steps we can take often prove to be the most empowering. We can’t know the rewards, or how deeply (or not) an insecurity is holding is back until we face it, head on. So, off I go!”

August also expressed:

So why did the thought of not wearing heels for a year make my palms sweat?

“Is this an old wound I’ve overlooked? Lingering insecurity that fell through the cracks?

I haven’t worn heels as often in recent years, partly because I primarily work from home. But whenever I attend an important event, be it a glamorous night out or a public appearance, I’ve considered them essential. Do I place my sense of self-worth in my height or footwear? No. But I do feel more attractive and, in some ways, empowered by them. To be honest, they feel like a crutch (which is ironic, seeing as wearing them raises my risk for needing crutches…). I’ve also suffered some harsh side effects of the tall, angular shoes.”

I chatted with August on my show, Cosmic Conversations (video below)  about her one year heel free journey. I would love to know your thoughts and just how important high heels are to you!



August McLaughlin out and about #HeelFree
August McLaughlin out and about #HeelFree