October 7th & 8th 2017 in Los Angeles:

A 2 day workshop for single women. I’ve teamed up with the international healer, Zarathustra to create a workshop like no other, designed to get you to that space inside yourself where the Universe conspires with you to magnetize your deep down heart felt desires!

In this workshop we will do a lot of deep diving, clearing, healing, laughing and dancing! The joy will bubble to the surface, your vibration will be raised and then… watch out! All things are possible in the 5th dimension.


                                                Magnetize Your Soul Mate, 5th Dimensional Style!

                                                                             “Reclaim Your Power”

                                                                       Are you looking for your soul mate?

                                                              Have you been seeking love without success?

                                                 Do you keep repeating destructive patterns in your relationships?

If you want to learn to quickly dissolve any obstacles so that you can connect with your soul mate and live happily ever after, you’ve come to the right place!

In this dynamic interactive two- day workshop, led by seasoned matchmaker/author, Marla Martenson and internationally known spiritual teacher/healer, Zarathustra,

You will discover how to turn on the vibratory magnetic field within to attract your ultimate soul mate.

Through years of experience, Marla and Zarathustra have discovered that most women are in this loop of repeating old dysfunctional patterns that result in losing partners.

In Magnetize Your Soul Mate, 5th Dimensional Style workshop, we will teach you to identify the roots of old dysfunctional patterns and damage inflicted from childhood, and skillfully remove all inner obstacles. Then we open the gateway to self- love and acceptance.

However this shift in consciousness by itself is not enough. Once you are able to open the gateway to a higher vibratory frequency, you need to learn how to remain and function from the 5th dimension and rediscover your power.

A woman who has achieved whole heartedness through self –love and acceptance, and has reached ultimate self -respect and confidence appears very attractive to any man.

                                                        She has reclaimed her true power!



First 10 people to sign up will receive a copy of my latest memoir,

The Buddha Made Me Do It, A Field Guide To EnLITEnment.

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Zarathustra Healing


Love, MarlaXOXO