Set the Mood, No Rose Petals Needed


Good news, ladies — you don’t have to be boring or corny to set a deliciously romantic mood. With a few tweaks to your environment (that thankfully don’t involve old-fashioned ideas like rose petals or twisted-up swan-shaped towels), you can create your own brand of passionate ambiance.

Light Candles

If you’re planning to set the mood indoors, lower harsh indoor lighting and bring out a few candles to scatter around the room. Candles provide soft, flickering light that flatters every body type, and if you plan ahead with lightly-scented varieties, it will relax you both as well (although you might want to avoid ones that smell like baked goods, which may just make you both hungry). Candles come with a caveat, however — make sure you put them out so you don’t accidentally summon the fire department.

Explore Dramatic Pool Lighting

Picture hanging out with your love in the backyard in your pool. The pool is romantic enough, but what if you could add some gorgeous, dramatic lighting to your own personal body of water? Fortunately, In the Swim offers a variety of backyard pool lights you and your partner will completely adore, from soft lights to hang on your gazebo to LED lights that are perfect for in-ground pools.

Turn on Some Tunes

While you definitely don’t want to tune into a regular radio station (hello, annoying commercials!), either pop in a CD or queue up a playlist of your favorite romantic numbers. Keep the volume steady (but quiet) to add to the background ambiance without becoming distraction or overpowering.

Throw Down (or on) Some Soft Fabric

Nothing says romance like sitting down on a soft, velvet couch, right? If you aren’t lucky enough to have smooth, luxurious furniture around your home or apartment, invest in a few soft blankets (or towels if you’re by the pool) to toss out on a moment’s notice. And while you’re at it, you can put you both in the mood by dressing for comfort as well. Whether you’re inside or out, soft materials can really make you seem that much more cuddly than if you’re wearing things that make you feel uncomfortable. Invest in a nice robe if you’re lounging around the house or hotel room.


Science tells us that humans find sweat attractive. Mutual workouts can actually increase your camaraderie, bonding and drive. It’s fun to get fit with your sweetie; good for your body and for your relationship.

Romance is definitely in the eye of the beholder, but taking a few steps to create a soothing, relaxing and romantic atmosphere for you and your partner (whether you’re hanging out by the pool or in your bedroom) can really go a long way to cementing the two of you as a pair. And the best news of all is that you don’t have to hunt down a dozen roses to scatter in your bathwater or learn how to make an animal out of a towel to keep things fresh between the two of you.