New Year, New Neighborhood: Steps to Settling Into Your New Place


It’s not just your imagination, moving is really stressful. In fact, according to SquareFoot, 58 percent of Americans feel moving is a bigger challenge for couples than wedding planning. Let that sink in for a few minutes. The study also found that 31 percent of Americans have had some of their worst arguments while moving. The study isn’t just partial to couples though. It’s stressful for everyone. Regardless of how you move or who you move with, you’re bound to come face to face with some challenging situations. Here are four tips to get settled into your new life while keeping stress at bay.

Get savvy about security

First things first: get your home security system set up. Opt for a wireless security camera system that keeps you safe and connected. By purchasing a system that doesn’t include wires, you’re able to place the security cameras around the interior and exterior of your home with greater ease.

Befriend your neighbors

Speaking of security, it’s also wise to get to know your new neighbors. Throw a cookout to introduce yourself to the people on your street, and make a point to offer to pick up mail or flyers when they’re out of town. The more you take a proactive approach to safety and community in your neighborhood, the more likely your neighbors are to return the favor. After all, it offers everyone peace of mind when the neighborhood is working together to keep safe. It’s just an added benefit that you’ll end up making friends and have summer cookouts to attend.

Transfer all the little details

There’s more to do than just send out a housewarming notice with a change of address to friends and family. Although you’ve probably already thought to transfer some of the essentials like your utilities and internet service, it’s easy to forget the little details. Your credit card companies, favorite charities, alma mater, car loan, insurance and any type of sensitive financial or medical information needs to be transferred to your new address quickly. Fill out a change-of-address form with the post office and make a list of which companies to contact to get your details sorted out before old mail starts falling through the cracks.

Collect a list of local referrals

Now that you’re settling in and stress free from your move, it’s time to figure out who to call when the unexpected happens. Got a leaky roof? Need a referral for a washing machine that suddenly gave out? Can’t figure out who to hire to reseal your driveway? Ask your new friends around the neighborhood for their recommendations and put them to the test. A list of referrals in hand will keep your stress from spiraling out of control and your home in good health.

These tips are all about logistics and checking off your to-do list, but remember that settling into your new place should be an exciting journey that opens up the door to new opportunities and experiences. Embrace them by staying on top of next steps for a stress-free homecoming.