Mother’s Day Brunch: A Man’s Guide to Getting it Right

With Mother’s Day approaching, are you racking your head to decide what to do to celebrate that special lady in your life? Are you looking for the best way to thank her, but don’t know where to start? This year why don’t you honor all the mothers in your life with an elegant and classy brunch to let them know how special they are to you. No need to fret about the details; this how-to guide will help you plan your perfect Mother’s Day brunch. At the end of the day, she will be toasting you, the man who made it a day to remember.

Pick a Theme

Themes are always a fun way to set the tone for a party. If you can, try to center your brunch on a hobby or a special interest that your lady prefers. For instance, if she enjoys tea, an English tea with hats is a novel way to set the mood for brunch. If she likes picnics, an outdoor theme with checkered blankets and picnic baskets will be a great touch.

Settle on a Place

The ideal setting for brunch is in your home, but if that isn’t convenient or won’t accommodate the number of people in your party, try to find a restaurant or outdoor place that can comfortably entertain your guests. Decide on who to invite and then start spreading the word either via paper invitations or send an Evite invitation for a quicker response. Once you settle on a place, you can add elements of your theme to the locale.

Decide on the Decor

Decor will add that extra special touch to your brunch. A beautiful table setting will accentuate the room. Skip the store and save time by ordering a gorgeous flower bouquet from FTD. You can decorate the table with a vase full of tulips, sunflowers or roses. Try to pick out the flowers that the lady in your life will enjoy the most. Accessorize the table with matching linens, table settings and festive plates. In the background, you can also play her favorite music to add ambiance to the brunch.

Choose the Menu

Since it is a brunch, you can choose from a variety of options. You can decide to cook or cater the food depending on the number of people attending. There is an option to do an All-American brunch, complete with orange juice, pancakes, eggs and yogurt parfaits or if the mother in your life gravitates more toward the lunch portion of brunch, you can do a barbecue. If you are edging toward a classier theme, try a Parisian-themed brunch, complete with French toast, croissants and a quiche.

For beverages, offer at least one alcoholic choice like mimosas and bloody marys are popular brunch drinks, along with coffee, tea and juice as alternatives.

Find the Perfect Dessert

Cap off the brunch with a dessert. A coffee crumb cake or sherbet are great options. You could also pair an assortment of macaroons with coffee at the end of brunch. There are several options for dessert, but make certain your choice is the one she prefers.

Offer a Personalized Gift

Want to offer a final surprise for that special lady? Why not pen a letter telling her how much you mean to her and share some of your special memories with her in your personalized tribute. You can pair it with some meaningful pictures of the two of you. This will definitely be the highlight of your brunch.

Why settle for box of candy when you can organize a brunch for your special lady? With these guidelines, you cannot go wrong!