Messages From Murth

Messages from Murth -
Have you ever talked to an angel?

Along my journey to enlightenment I have been able to open up my psychic channel and connect with my guardian angel, Murth. Pretty amazing huh?

Murth has given me so many messages of love, peace, encouragement and wise words of advice, as well as contributing some beautiful and poignant messages in my latest memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It.

Murth loves to share her insight with others and we have recently begun the adventure of giving private readings.

Murth’s energy is sparkly, almost fairy like and is truly delightful!

Once I receive your order, I’ll go into meditation and channel Murth’s message about what you need to know in your life right now. If you have a specific topic that you would like to focus on, let me know.

Your message will be typed up and emailed to you within 24 hours.

We’re also offering fifteen –minute long distance clearings and Reiki sessions to accompany your reading. Time and distance are not a factor. With distance Reiki, wonderful results can be attained. Just as radio and television waves can be sent over distances, so can Reiki. Our creator has given us this gift for unlimited healing, no matter what the physical distance between the practitioner and the recipient.

Once I receive your order, I will contact you via email and we will set a time when you can be still either lying down or sitting comfortably while I send you Reiki energy and love. I will then channel Murth’s message and email it to you.

Message From Murth: 15.00

Message From Murth + Long Distance Clearing/Reiki: 25.00


                                                                     Message From Murth

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                                            Message From Murth +  15 minute clearing/Reiki session

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What people are saying…

Murth’s message was spot on what I needed to hear to help me go forward in the right direction in my career. I was blown away by her clarity. Murth rocks! ~ Yvette Bass, Los Angeles, Ca.





I just loved the message I received from Murth about channeling and connecting with the other side! The message was very accurate and I enjoyed reading what Murth had to say about my spirituality and connections!~ Angelina Goodreau, Brunswick Maine





Murth sent me loving assurance and guidance that was much needed. I asked a “fork in the road” question, and was encouraged to take a specific route. I followed that suggestion. All good so far! Thanks, Murth!

~ Patrick Keller, host of The Big Séance Podcast





The angel reading I received from Murth was very accurate. The message resonated within my soul more importantly. It was a very spiritual experience and I highly recommend it.  ~ Veronique Braxton, Waterbury, CT