Meet the Parents: 3 Ways to Win Them Over This Christmas





The two of you have been dating for awhile now, and things are going really well. You love spending time with your sweetie pie, and as the Magic 8 Ball says “all signs point to yes” that this person is The One.

Now, it’s time to tackle a relationship milestone—yes, it’s time to meet the parents. And with the holidays coming up pretty quickly, now is the perfect time to make merry and get ready to meet the two people who adore your man as much as you do. In order for everything to go as smoothly as possible and for you to make a great first impression, keep the following tips in mind:

Bring along a Gift

Since it’s the Christmas season, you should definitely bring along a gift that your boyfriend’s parents can either enjoy the same day you meet them, or they can put under the tree to unwrap later on. Deciding what type of gift to bring depends on how long you have been dating and how serious the relationship is. For example, if you have been going out for just a couple of months, you might want to give them a smaller gift like a bottle of their favorite wine—your honey should be able to advise you on what they like—or maybe a nice Christmas ornament or a box of holiday chocolates. Flowers are also an appropriate and appreciated gift. If you have been dating a bit longer you might want to “up” the gift just a bit, with a Christmas flower arrangement combined with a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants.

Be Friendly and Complimentary

When the door opens and your sweetie’s folks are standing right in front of you, look them right in the eye, smile, and offer your hand to shake. Address them as Mr. and Mrs. instead of Bob and Joan, and do not switch over to their first names until they ask you to do so. Once you are inside the home, start building rapport by complimenting them on something you see right away, like the Christmas tree or beautiful furniture. If they are serving dinner, be sure to praise the food and the cook, and during the course of your time together, try to ask a few questions and listen attentively as they answer them. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and as long as you stay away from risky subjects like religion and politics, it can be a great way to break the ice and make a terrific first impression.

When It Comes to Your Outfit, Err on the Side of Conservative

If you adore wearing edgy and super stylish outfits, you might consider toning it down just a little for the first meeting. Your honey’s parents will be sizing you up before you even open your mouth to say hello, so stick with a more conservative and classic outfit instead of one that shows off your cleavage or legs. While you certainly don’t have to select some dowdy-looking outfit that is the complete opposite of what you would normally wear, try to present yourself in a way that says “fantastic future daughter-in-law.”