I’ve Gotta Be Me!


Hello there! I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and all the rest of it. I hope that whatever you’re doing this holiday season, you are happy, healthy and having fun!

Speaking of having fun, my gal pal, Karen A. Dahlman and I continue to have a blast doing our Women of Ouija video series. We’re embarking on our third year now.

Karen is a Ouijaologist (she coined the term) and has been using, and studying the Ouija Board for over 40 years. There is much mystery around this tool, but Karen brings it out of the dark and into the light!

Karen A Dahlman


Both Karen and I are entrepreneurs and love being business women. Because the Talking Board is such a feared tool, there were many times the thought ran through my head, that maybe I shouldn’t let anyone know about my interest. After all, I’m opening a portal to hell right? NOT!


My dear husband Adolfo in a flurry of concern warns me often of “losing all credibility in the business world.” I did think about what he said, but then listened to my gut and decided, “Hey…I’ve gotta be me!” Karen and I both admit to each other that doing our videos is one of the most fun things in our lives! It makes life sparkle just a little bit more.


Once per month we get on Skype and have a list of topics that viewers have asked us to do videos on, and we spend an hour or two doing costume changes, giggling, catching up while we film the videos. We discuss a range of topics all on spirituality including communicating with other beings, opening and expanding your intuition, simultaneous timelines, crystals, automatic writing, and more!


In America, we’re so blessed to be able to express ourselves and our creativity. No longer do we have to stick with one thing, we can expand our reach out into the universe and explore the possibilities of cosmic assistance in our business, finances, creative endeavors and relationships. We are living in an amazing time here on earth.


What do you do to tap into your creative and magical side? I would love to hear from you.