Isagenix Full Body Cleanse, Why You Need It!


Hey wonderful people! Today I want to chat about the fact that 99% of my pants don’t fit anymore. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? Ummmmm….. well, I had that potent killer cold/flu not once, but three times from December to February, which meant I was in bed a lot,  not going to the gym, and to top that off my job is sedentary plus my appetite didn’t wane, so hello 10 extra pounds!

The same thing happened to me about four years ago, when menopause and a few too beers expanded my waistline. I wined to my hubby about it,  and his response was, “no worries mi amor, I’ll buy you some new pants.”

“Uh, that won’t be happening. There is NO WAY I am buying a larger size of pants!”

I knew I had to do something, and as luck would have it, I met a woman named Pam at a networking event who said that she was a wellness coach and that she helped people release extra weight and detox. BINGO!

We exchanged business cards, and the next day the 9-day  Isagenix cleansing system was on it’s way to my front door. Pam coached me through it and I lost 6 pounds. I wanted to lose 6 more, so I purchased a second 9-day system. I should have got the 30 day in the first place, but after another 9 day cleanse, the remaining 6 pounds came off. I was thrilled!

So. Here I am again. I knew the only way I was going to get rid of the extra weight was to do Isagenix again. I will admit, it can be challenging. But the end result of cleansing the toxins out of the body and resetting your appetite and eating, is worth every hunger pang.

The cleanse shift’s the body’s state from acidic to alkaline and reduces any form of inflammation existing within the body. This is achieved through cleansing the toxins from the body and supplying it with adequate nutrients. The program helps clean out wastes and toxins from the digestive tract, improves brain health and enhances the functioning of the immune system.

Look at it this way,  the average person eats a standard American diet, which is a high amount of calories with a low amount of nutrition. With Isagenix, you are getting a high amount of nutrition in a small amount of calories.

I interviewed Isagenix wellness coach, Brittney Kara about the cleanse and why everyone can benefit from it. Enjoy.