Is Your Relationship Making You Sick?

Most people agree that love is the most powerful force in the Universe. People aspire to finding their soul mate and living happily ever after. Love can be just grand. But often, people find out that it is not all it’s cracked up to be when the pressures of everyday living and responsibilities come in. If you are in a “bad” relationship, being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused, you are stressed to the max and that is where illness can come in and destroy you.

Also, feeling as if that love may never come and the stress of trying to “make it happen” to get into a relationship before your clock stops ticking can be very stressful. As a matchmaker in Los Angeles, I often see singles holding out for perfection in a mate, leading to endless searching and dating which puts on a lot of pressure and can be exhausting.

I went to an all day seminar with Dr. Leonard Coldwell. He teaches how ongoing stress causes illness in the body and how we can turn it around. I got to meet him.

The High Price Chronic Stress Exacts on Your Health From Dr. Coldwell’s website.

It makes sense to slow down for a moment and listen to your body. Some of the ways it speaks of sky-high stress include:

* Faster Heart Rate—This is great if you’re running from a lion or tiger, but when it becomes an everyday event, you risk burning out your heart and suffering cardiovascular disease.

* High Blood Pressure—When stressed, blood flow to your brain and muscles may increase up to 400%. Good for shooting a bear… not helpful as an ongoing lifestyle.

* Slow digestion—Energy you need to digest your food is diverted to your head, heart and limbs… leading to chronic constipation, irritable bowel disease, and more. Stress can also change your eating habits—prompting you to grab for certain snacks, resort to comfort foods or skip meals.

* Weight gain—Caused by increased cortisone levels due to prolonged stress.

* Insomnia and other sleep problems—From an over-active mind and mental stress. Sleeplessness takes a much bigger toll on your health than most people realize.

* Muscle tension and fatigue—When under long-term stress, your muscles get tight and tense, resulting in overworked muscles without the benefit of exercise.

* Immune problems—Halt your body’s ability to fight infections.