Is Chivalry Dead?


So who do affluent men want to be matched up with? What if a woman wants the flowers from the old days and the respect from the new days? Should you have sex on the first date? Is there just one soulmate? I put ‘the moose on the table’ with Dr. Marissa, and the truth about shallow men and shallow men are verified. Age, kids, gold-diggers, height and lawyers are deal-breakers for list makers, and I give Dr. Marissa a dose of disappointing reality about men with money. Determined to make pleasure a G-rated topic, Dr. Marissa and I do agree on meaningless sex, and that having the best relationship with yourself is the foundation of finding a great relationship with a partner.


4 thoughts on “Is Chivalry Dead?”

  1. Diana StevanDiana Stevan

    I like what you have to say. I was a family therapist for 25 years, married now over 50, and think in terms of a soul mate. In fact, my debut novel, a romantic time slip mystery, A Cry From The Deep, revolves around that theme. I had so much fun writing it.

    Nice to find your site on Thursday’s Blog Hop. Keep spreading the message. I’ll tweet your site.

  2. katherinekatherine

    Great interview my friend. When I read the title I said out loud yes, it’s dead, buried and I think I attended the funeral. So sad. I love the “old school” mentality of a man opening your door as you exit the car, holding the door as you enter, etc.


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