Interview With A Medium

I have always found psychic mediums to be absolutely fascinating! I chatted with a very interesting gal the other day, Janet Shackelford from


In Janet’s own words:


The process of Mediumship / Psychism is like a puzzle; one that is filled with smiles, tears, love, memories and more. As we place the pieces together throughout your sitting/reading. I offer a unique style of card reading to accompany psychism as well, connecting with your loved ones, guides and more. Also in my readings I offer assistance with the use of Reiki Energy, to help in balancing your energy, centering, clearing of chakras and your aura, aiding in the healing of ailments. Along with using it to view and/or clear past lives, clearing homes with remote viewing and more.

I find that in my readings, its a moment to recreate a memory, a moment……   Bringing your loved ones to sit with you once again.

With love from above,