Inspiring Your Child to Learn Constantly

Guest post by Isabel William

They say that we stop growing when we lose interest in the world around us, and it’s true. We don’t find joy in discovering how things work, we don’t see the beauty in everyday things, and we don’t want to learn any more. Losing the motivation to learn is always sad, but if you challenge, support, and inspire your child from the beginning, you will set the ground for her future growth. If you’d like your girl to grow up to become a strong and confident woman, you should show her how constant improvement will bring her many benefits.

Set a good example

There won’t be much use in talking to your girl about constant learning and improving if you’re one of those people who don’t like doing that. If you’re content with spending your time watching TV and not learning a new skill, you’re not actually setting a good example, are you? Be a good role model to her: read books, newspapers, learn about how things work, show interest in other countries, customs, and languages, and try to learn a new skill every now and then, even if it’s only a new hobby. This way, she will get to see that these things make you happy and fulfilled, and she will follow your example.


Start early

Finding motivation can be challenging, but if your daughter has good habits and good ‘foundation’, she won’t find learning difficult later on in life. Things always start at home, but children are influenced and affected by their peers and teachers, too, so it’s important to choose a stimulating environment for them from the beginning. Inspiring places such as Cherrybrook preschool empower children to explore and learn and show them that it isn’t always about what you learn, but about the way you learn it, too. Teachers and schools that inspire structured thinking and creativity in children are great starting points for further development in their lives.



Help her find motivation

As they grow, children seem to lose interest and motivation, and by the time they’re adolescents, they’re only too happy to spend their time on their phones and ‘chill’. Helping your teenager find the motivation is always a challenge because they don’t see the world the way you do, and they find it difficult to set long-term goals. On the other hand, teens also hate it when you make plans without them and get angry and frustrated because they feel like they aren’t in control of their lives. You can help your almost-grown-up girl find motivation by talking to her about her long-term goals and helping her set several short-term aims that will help her along the way.



Avoid labels

There’s a huge difference in the way people perceive the same traits in men and women, and it’s just sad. While men have ‘good leadership skills’, women are seen as ‘bossy’ and ‘control freaks’. Step number one is to refrain yourself from using such derogative labels around your little lady. She shouldn’t be ordering everyone around, nor should she always be left to do as she pleases, but you should definitely avoid using such labels around her. Assure her that reading a lot won’t make her a ‘geek’ or a ‘freak’, and help her see that a ‘bookworm’ isn’t always a bad thing to be.



Support her dreams

Sometimes your and your daughter’s dreams will differ, and as difficult it may be for you to accept, it’s completely natural. She is her own person with her own dreams, ideas, and future, and it’s your job as a parent to support and encourage her to follow her own path. When her inclinations are different from yours, approve of them and stand by her so she knows that she has a chance to make her own choices and decisions, even at a young age. Let her take up hobbies, sports, and activities she wants; allow her to express herself through art, music, and fashion in any way she likes. When she sees that you’re there for her, she will be less likely to quit even when things get hard.

The relationship between you and your daughter will have a huge impact on the way she will lead her life, and the choices she will make in the future. By supporting her, challenging her, and inspiring her, you will help your little girl to grow into a strong adult who isn’t afraid of challenges and obstacles in life. Be a good role model and be someone she can trust – it will make all the difference in the world.