I’m Pregnant & Ready To Burst!

Ha! Don’t worry, there hasn’t been a miraculous conception. I won’t be running out to buy diapers anytime soon. It’s spring and there are lots of new ideas and creative projects ready to come forth. A frequent question that I’ve been getting for the past six months is,

“Marla, when is your new book coming out?”

“Ahhhh… good question… well, soon I hope.”

I started writing my latest memoir in late January of 2015. Me and my friend Julie decided to write a book together. She’s a celebrity ghost writer which sounds super glam but can get pretty stressful dealing with all of the personalities and cooks in the kitchen that it takes to get a celebrity book done.

Just for fun, we had been going to a lot of spiritual workshops and classes together and Julie came up with the great idea to write a book about our spiritual journey together but coming at it from different viewpoints. We had a kick ass title and I was over the moon excited. I started my intro/first chapter immediately and even got my go to editor Peggy, to polish it up. The chapter turned out amazing. This book was going to be a hit! I waited for Julie to give me her first chapter so that we could discuss how to move forward with the story line. Then February came, and she still hadn’t written it, so I wrote my second chapter. Then March came, and Julie promised that she would get to it… but nothing… so, I started in on my third chapter… then April came and Julie finally admitted that she just couldn’t do it. She had too much going on with work and her personal life , that it just wasn’t going to happen.

I took this as a message from the Universe that I needed to write this book alone, although Julie gave me permission to include her in the story. She and I continued taking classes together, getting angel readings, going to psychic fairs, etc. and just having a great time. Our spiritual/magical powers were unfolding and expanding. Julie learned candle magick, I got certified in energy/crystal healing. We were unstoppable, we  we were on a mission of self improvement while delving into the occult.

I kept up the writing but at a slow pace, since I have a business to run, a house to clean, a dog to walk and a husband to spend time with, just to name a few of my responsibilities (sound familiar?) I needed an extra eight hours in the day.

In the fall of 2015, I thought the book was getting close to winding up, but there were setbacks due to the illness and then death of Peggy’s dear mother. Then in January 2016, Peggy got that potent cold/flu that she couldn’t shake for a month, plus had other projects that needed work as well as memorial services for her mother and two other friends who passed away.

I thought my masterpiece would never get finished. I was anxious to share my story and was frustrated that it was pushed back so far. But along the way, those five months of seemingly snail paced progress, some incredible things happened in my journey that absolutely had to be included in the book. It was blatantly clear that timing is everything and sometimes the time is just not right. Yet.

If everything had run smoothly and the book was finished back in 2015, it wouldn’t be the book that it is. The story would not have been complete. The Universe arranged things perfectly and proved to me that all good things do come to those who wait, and what you think you want or need at that very instant, is not always for your highest good. So, I was reminded to go with the flow, listen to signs (Julie’s idea was golden) be flexible (Julie bowing out and me going it alone)  enjoy every moment, keep moving forward creating good work and sharing from the heart.

I am excited to say that my memoir, The Buddha Made Me Do It is now in the hands of a proofreader and will be uploaded to Amazon within a couple of weeks.

I would love to know what projects or life events that you had setbacks on? Was it all for the best in the end? What did you learn from it?