I Escaped The 9-5 Grind & Now Work In My Yoga Pants!


 I just need to get something off my chest!

Whoo Hoo!

Ok.. that felt goooood.

Why am I whoo hooin’? Well, let me tell you…. I feel extremely blessed to be able to honestly say that I no longer dread Monday mornings, and I’ve all but forgot how to do the “Thank God It’s Friday” happy dance! I don’t relate to that world or mindset anymore. I was finally able to break free of the 9-5 grind and live my dream of working from home in my yoga pants. Shoes and makeup are optional and my commute is now about 15 feet.

Maybe you’re one of many who have gotten caught up in thinking work is just something you do to support your weekends, a means to an end, or just a curse! Maybe you don’t expect to enjoy your work—you just do what has to be done to survive and pay the bills. I know exactly how you feel. I was stuck there for almost thirty years, but I always knew that I had more to offer than being played like a puppet on a string and making someone else rich. I had talent, ideas, energy and dreams. I just wasn’t sure how to implement them, and I was scared! After all, I didn’t know anything about business, and I didn’t even have a college degree.



So. You might be realizing that loyalty and dependability to a boss bring no guarantees. Maybe you’re sick and tired of the long commute and being tied to your desk when you know you could make your own hours and still be productive. Maybe you have ideas swirling around in your head and you are starting to get a glimpse and imagine that you could create a great income, with more time and freedom for yourself. But here comes another Monday morning, and after all, doesn’t every responsible person just bury their dreams and passions in exchange for getting that dependable paycheck?


Each one of us, (regardless of age)  can bring the same excitement and passion to our work that we bring to what we love to do on our days off.

“The mark of genius is a willingness to explore all the alternatives.” ~ Dan Miller

For everyone who dreads going to work on Monday mornings, here is my favorite book that switched my mindset and helped set me on the path to entrepreneurship. Just click on the book cover, and start on the path to freedom.

“Those whose work is not an authentic fit frequently struggle to maintain financial solvency and are plagued with unhappiness.” ~ Dan Miller

When I was stuck in my 9-5 (actually, my schedule was 10-7) nightmare, I was continually coming down with bronchitis, I was out of shape, my right arm was throbbing with searing pain from using the mouse on the computer all day, my male boss never failed to deliver communicating hurtful comments about my appearance: “It doesn’t look like you’re wearing any make-up today, you look tired and washed out”, or, “your hair looks terrible, you look like you just got out of the gym.”


Gee, thanks!

It all came to a head in late 2009. I’d finally had enough and my boss gave me an ultimatum. As I sat across from him in his office, heart pounding, listening to his tirade, my brain was firing a million miles per nano second, so many thoughts ran through my head. Should I quit? But we’re in the middle of a recession. I should have saved more money, what will I do? Adolfo will kill me if I quit this steady job, gosh I hate this guy...  

I made a snap decision.

I basically told him to take this job and shove it, and walked right on out the door to my freedom. YES!!!

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? Well, it was, and more drama ensued once I got home and was welcomed by my irate hubby standing at the door.


Uggh! Cough, sputter…  “I didn’t have a choice… my back was against the wall… I don’t know… I’m sorry!”

I quickly changed out of my work clothes and hustled on up to Runyon Canyon and hiked to the top. It was a clear day and the view was exquisite. I sat and meditated for a few minutes and as I looked out at the City of Angels, I realized that I am infinite and being “owned” and letting someone else pull my strings did not fit who I was any longer. I felt a sense of freedom knowing that I wouldn’t be getting up at 8:00 am the next morning and back to the daily grind, but I was also gripped with fear of the unknown. My life as I had known it for the past seven years was over. Things needed to change. I vowed to stay calm and invited the Universe to be my partner in creating a new chapter.

One thing I did every evening was take the book No More Mondays to bed with me. I read and reread this inspiring book by Dan Miller, which really shifted my mindset and belief about the 9-5, exchanging time for money attitude. In Dan’s book he says, “don’t be intimidated by the thought of being paid for results rather than time. Realize that not getting a paycheck may open to door to extraordinary income.”



I was interviewed by Ali Salman on his podcast, Escape The 9-5 Grind.

Click on the image below to hear more about how I became an entrepreneur and left the 9-5 grind behind.