How to Succeed With Online Dating: Baby Boomer Edition



It’s not easy meeting someone to date, particularly if you’re in the second half of your century. Everyone at work looks so young. Bars are noisy and chaotic. Online dating is an option, but you have to use it strategically. Read on for ways baby boomers like you can enjoy online and alternative dating.

Be Honest With Your Dating Profile

The No. 1 rule is to be straightforward in your profile. “Wasted time” is the top complaint among people who use online dating sites, according to Elsevier. It’s why more sites are becoming steered for different populations according to age, religion, ethnicity and education. If these factors are important to you, try them first before signing up on a mainstream site.

Don’t be ashamed if an honest description of you really is “a few extra pounds.” Most of us are anyway. If you have less than a full head of hair, don’t worry, most women really don’t care.

Most importantly, put up a recent photo. It’s a compliment when your date says you look like your photo. Ask a friend to snap a few posed and spontaneous shots of you. Don’t overdo it with makeup or clothing you rarely wear — the idea is to show you at your best while remaining authentic. Be sure to use a good camera. For example, the iPhone 6s has a 12-megapixel camera with a flash, which will help you capture those candid photos. Plus, many dating sites have iPhone apps, so you can upload your photos and see who’s checking you out at any time.

Try Speed Dating

Speed dating (also called pre-dating) is good for those you who have relatively thick skin and a good sense of humor. Think of it as baby steps to real dating. You meet a handful of prospective dates who are at least as brave as you, and you determine how comfortable you are with each person. As a plus, most speed dating events give you a free drink or two and a fun story to tell on an actual date.

It’s not a bad idea to practice talking before the event, recommends WayTooSocial, but don’t make it sound scripted. Keep it light. Say hello and goodbye, add in a joke or funny anecdote and comment on topics that interest you. These easy steps keep the conversation moving and help you decide if you have a connection with the person across the table from you.

Not Good at Dating? Then Don’t Date Just Yet

If the idea of dating hangs you up, there are other low-stress ways to meet people that can help you build up your confidence and social skills.

  • Meetup is a fantastic site to find what you want to do. There are meetups for social and business purposes, and they run the gamut of interests and things to do in your area. Meetups are stress-free and genuinely fun.
  • Volunteer at events or places that interest you. Donate your time and skills, and meet new people in a place where you feel more comfortable.