How To Order Up A New Love With Your Soulmate Script

How to order up a new love with a soulmate script…

how to order up a new love with a soulmate script


I love magic. The kind of magic that happens when my energy is aligned with my desires in just the right way that makes it feel like the whole Universe is with me and working for me. Over the years, I’ve used many magical Law of Attraction processes to manifest some pretty awesome things! Lets talk about how to order up a new love with a soulmate script.

Some of the coolest manifestations were:

Becoming an entrepreneur & my owning my own business

My amazing dog Macie whom I found on a street corner

My dream house with every detail I wanted

A book deal at a traditional publishing house

The perfect spiritual teacher/shaman for the deep healing I desired.

Yeah… pretty cool! Sometimes I have to pinch myself when looking around my cozy house, coffee mug in hand, walking ten feet from the kitchen to my home office in my yoga pants and hair in a pony tail. I mention the pony tail because my boss at Double D Dating Service (not the real name) where I worked for 7 years, used to chastise us ladies if we wore our hair up. We were expected to look “hot” not “chic.”

I actually used deliberate co-creation with the Universe to attract the things, situations and connections to make my dreams come true by raising my vibration and using a process called Script Writing.



Writing, or creating, a script is nothing more than making up a wonderful daydream and getting into it emotionally. You are going to make up a fabulous story of the exact situation that you want to be in. Don’t make it about what is going to happen in the future; make it about what is happening now. For example, you wouldn’t say, “Some day, I will be working in a job that I love, and I will be making good money.” Rather, you say, “I am working in a job that I love, making more money than I ever dreamed of.”

You must feel passionate and excited about every word that you are writing and speaking. Feel the joy and satisfaction as you get excited about it. Feel as if you are living the fantasy. If there is no passionate feeling behind the script, there will be no change, and you might as well be saying mumbo jumbo. So be sure the higher vibrations coming out of you cancel out the lower vibrations. Now you’re really cookin’!

When talking about how to order up a new love with a soulmate script, you can either talk it out or write it down and read it aloud. I like to type my scripts and carry them with me. Then I repeat them a few times throughout the day.

Example of a Soul Mate Script: “I am so happy and grateful now that I have a wonderful new soul mate in my life. I love how we look forward to being together each and every day. It is so great that we support each other’s passions and careers. I love how we are both so upbeat and have so much fun together. People admire how well-suited we are for each other. We always bring out the best in each other. I love the fact that my partner fulfills me in so many ways and has been such an asset to my life.”



Let Go of the Negative

            Many of us constantly have a negative script going on in our heads. It’s second nature, a habit, like waking up each day, getting dressed and going to work. We don’t even think about it; the negativity just flows. Do any of these phrases sound familiar?

  • “I don’t like my job.”
  • “I don’t want these bills.”
  • “My boyfriend is so lazy.”
  • “My girlfriend is so self-absorbed.”
  • “I can’t get a break.”
  • “I don’t want to be overweight.”
  • “I can’t find a soulmate. All the guys are losers or taken.”

Unfortunately, that’s the type of thing most of us have going on in our heads, or worse, in our conversations with others. In any given lunchroom in a large company, in coffee shops, bars, family functions, and so on, what do you hear? Gossip, negativity, and complaining. It’s also what we hear in the media on a daily basis—murder, robberies, war, kidnapping, and on and on.

In terms of relationships, does your current script sound like this? “Why do I never meet the right guy? I always seem to attract the womanizers or guys who treat me badly. All of the good men are taken. I’ll never meet the right one.” Or, “Why are all the women I’m meeting so shallow and superficial? Can’t they see beyond my pocketbook? Aren’t there any intelligent, caring, and attractive women out there?”

I once had a dialogue like the one on men above in my head. Consequently, because I kept sending those thoughts out there, I kept getting a slew of unavailable, uninterested men parading through my life. The funny thing is, I knew about affirmations and metaphysics at that time. I was using meditation, affirmations, and feelings to attract modeling jobs and television commercials into my life. It was a fun game. But I had a huge block where relationships were concerned. It was almost like I felt satisfied when each new guy would dump me. See, I expected it, it came to pass, and I was right, by golly! But after a few years of this pattern, I was worn out! I didn’t want to be right anymore. I just wanted to be at peace. No more drama, hurtful break-ups, or wondering if he was going to call. Once I decided what my don’t wants were . . . (because to know what you DO want,  first you need to know what you DON’T want, not to dwell on it, just to get clear.)

  1. I don’t want married men to ask me out anymore.
  2. I don’t want to go out with men who don’t call when they say they will.
  3. I don’t want to waste my time with men who don’t respect me.
  4. I don’t want to feel that getting into a relationship is top priority.
  5. I don’t want to get romantically involved with men who don’t care about me.

Then I was able to turn the don’t wants into do wants:

  1. I want to only meet men who are available.
  2. I want only to go out with men who are responsible and keep their word.
  3. I want to meet men who respect all women.
  4. I want to put my personal growth and career as top priority in my life right now.
  5. I want to respect myself enough to say no to sexual advances from men with whom I am not in a long-term, committed relationship.

The famous metaphysician and lecturer Florence Scovel Shinn writes in her book The Game of Life and How to Play It about digging your ditches and getting ready for that which you desire. For example, if your wish is to attract a husband into your life, get ready for him. She talks about a woman who bought a cozy armchair for her future husband and set an extra place at the table in anticipation of his arrival. And soon she had a husband sitting across from her at the dinner table!


It’s important to feel the passion behind every word. If you don’t feel it, you won’t get it. It’s the passionate, juicy feelings and emotions behind the words that cause the positive vibrations necessary to bring your desires about. So, feel free to write a masterpiece of a script! Academy-award winning stuff! This is your life. It can be as long as you like, with as many details as you want. Actually, the more detailed you get, the more real it becomes to you, and the more excited you will start to feel. You can write a new script each day if you like with more and more fun, juicy details, and see what happens!

            Years ago, one of my female clients invited me out to dinner. She had a scarf on her head, and I really liked the way it looked. I like wearing scarves and had not been able to find one that suited me. I asked her where she got hers, and she told me it was actually a man’s pocket scarf that she bought in a men’s clothing store in Beverly Hills. I decided to go over there and buy one for myself. I went in and saw that it was an extremely upscale shop that celebrities frequented. The British salesman was charming. I told him what I was looking for and he directed me to the scarves. He told me to go ahead and try some on. Meanwhile, some other people came in the shop, and he was helping them. I tried various scarves for about fifteen minutes, and then decided on one. I asked him the price and he said, “Seventy-five dollars.”

Darn! I thought to myself. Seventy-five dollars for a piece of material? I would be dumb to pay that much. I really shouldn’t do it. But looking at myself in the mirror, the scarf looked so stylish and classy. I felt rich just wearing it. I decided to buy it and considered it to be my “good-luck scarf.” When wearing that scarf, I felt rich and special. I pranced around town in that scarf for the next few days, feeling fabulous. That same week, I booked a voice-over job and a television commercial. I don’t even have an agent anymore because I’ve been working full-time in matchmaking, but two people who knew my work from the past called and hired me on the spot. Then, the same week, I signed up a new client I had recruited and got a thousand-dollar commission. I was vibrating at a high frequency. I felt successful already. The results were immediate, so I couldn’t deny the connection!

So, get out a pen and paper and write your script. Feel that you already have that which you desire. And maybe you see how to order up a new love with a soulmate script.

Leave a me a comment or contact me .. I can’t wait to hear your story and what you are creating!