How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom


 This is a guest post by David Koller. David is a freelance blogger passionately interested in minor house fixes and home décor.


Are you feeling stressed out and tired? Are you unable to relax? Furthermore, are you having all these feelings even in the privacy of your bedroom? In case you are, discover the harmony of Feng Shui in your bedroom. By following the rules of this ancient Chinese practice, you may come to realize some mistakes you have been making in the room arrangement, depriving yourself of energy, serenity, and pleasure, in other words, of everything that a bedroom should be about.

Here are a few Feng Shui tips to make you feel at ease in your bedroom:

Feng shui bed makeover

First of all, the aim is to create an intimate ambiance for you and your partner in the bedroom. When sharing a bed, both of you will need enough space to feel comfortable. Replace your old bed with a queen size bed. Twin beds won’t provide sufficient comfort, while in a king size bed, too much room will take away all the romance. A wooden headboard without bars serves as a relationship support for couples, while for single ladies and men to lure a new strong love. Invest in cotton bedding and pillows. Make sure not to overdo it, because pillows make the room smaller.

Rearrange and re-energize

Let the chi energy, the life-giving energy, flow in your bedroom. To make this happen, all you need to consider is the bed position in the room. Place the bed diagonally from the entrance. If you have a partner or you are searching for one, make the bed accessible from both sides. Introduce two nightstands from each side. One thing you should avoid is the coffin position, which means the bed is directly facing the door. This is an unfortunate position and is often associated with death. In addition, try not to place the bed near sharp edges or windows.



Mirror, mirror on the wall…

According to Feng Shui, the position of the bedroom mirror is extremely important. Consider moving the mirror to another place, if it is facing your bed. Mirrors facing the bed or over the bed are not beneficial for one’s love life, as it suggests another person breaking your relationship. Therefore, a good solution is to place it inside of the closet door or just facing the door as to see who enters. Instead of using full-length mirrors, you can try an oval-shaped mirror that will enable the flow of the good energy, the chi energy.

Tech-free bedroom

Today, many people use their bedroom as a study. Exposure to different electronics, such as a laptop or even an alarm clock, increases the EMF pollution in your home. It can significantly influence one’s immune system. Therefore, make the bedroom tech-free as to re-energize. When you are done with your work, put your laptop away in a cabinet. Thus, you shall give yourself a time-off from work. Many couples make a mistake by installing a TV in the bedroom. Rekindle the flame in the bedroom by putting the TV in a cabinet and using it only when necessary.


Let your bedroom serves its purpose

Due to the lack of storage space, we often find ourselves buried by a pile of things that we just don’t use anymore. Whether it is old gym equipment or childhood souvenirs, all these things are making clutter and preventing the good energy flow. Not to mention that clutter often goes hand in hand with dust and dirt. Therefore, avoid making your bedroom a storage unit. Better yet, consider a storage unit as a solution to your problem, e.g. Super Easy Storage, because the bedroom is a place to rest, to unwind and to love, not to store things.

Bedroom walls and décor

When it comes to bedroom color, there are many colors to choose from; earth tones, skin tones, or even blue or green. These colors are supposed to create a serene ambiance for sleeping. It has been proven that each color affects our mental state as well as our physical health. For example, blue can reduce the blood pressure before bedtime. The décor should reflect your aspirations. If you are looking for love, hang some romantic artwork. If you are looking for happiness and healing, choose the artwork that reflects your desires. Avoid water elements in the artwork as they unleash restless energy.

Dimmer lights for sweet dreams

Another tip that will contribute to the ambiance of your bedroom is not using lighting excessively. Therefore, don’t overexpose your bed to the light. This may affect your sleeping cycle or your mid-day naps. If you have such a problem, a canopy bed is a good solution. You can also install a dimmer switch or bright the room up with some romantic candles. Not only is this tip useful for the good energy flow in your daily life, but it will also be cost-effective for your household.



Don’t take your bedroom for granted

As you can see, your bedroom is not to be taken for granted. Many aspects of your life, such as rest, daydreaming and love, are taking place right there. If you feel that some of these aspects are neglected in your life, try a Feng Shui bed makeover. Rearrange your bedroom and your life. Let your bedroom serve its purpose by creating a tech-free zone. With the right kind of mirror, wall décor, and dimmer lights get ready for sweet dreams.