How to Embrace the Differences Between You & Your Partner

You and your partner are connected by your adoration and love for one another. But, everything isn’t all roses. The two of you definitely have some fundamental differences.

How can you maintain a harmonious relationship when you and your loved one have conflicting points of view? Stay open-minded and non-judgmental and discuss your differences. Make sure the two of you know where the other stands when it comes to family, finances, technology usage, problem-solving techniques, decision making and household management.

Here are some ways you can address your differences and create a stronger relationship:


The idea of family encompasses traditions, values and parenting. Your value system will greatly steer your relationship. If your partner has a different religion than you, try and understand his or her point of view and how he or she was raised with such beliefs. Discuss your own philosophical or religious convictions and find and acknowledge your common ground.

While the topic of children may not seem relevant, it is a subject that should be discussed at some point. Clarify long-term goals and familial hopes and dreams with your partner. Discuss how many children you wish to have, how you prefer to parent them and your timeline for starting a family.


Money is the topic most couples argue about. Perhaps you are frugal and your partner throws caution to the wind. How do you manage combined finances or deal with the differences of your financial habits? Talk about the reasoning behind indulgent versus conservative spending. If one partner is focused on long-term saving and the other is willing to deplete their accounts for a good time, find a way to compromise.

Seek out resources that will help guide these awkward conversations. “Financial Intimacy: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with Your Money and Your Mate” is an excellent resource that will help you resolve your financial differences.


Your partner is always on his or her phone. It takes every ounce of your patience to not blow up when his or her attention is on that hunk of technology and not you. Don’t criticize or become upset. Join in on the smartphone fun. Purchase a smartphone like the LG G5 that will help bring the two of you closer together. Find one with a high-resolution screen, so you can watch videos together. A camera with high resolution is the perfect tool for taking adorable selfies. There are also many apps on the market that can provide entertainment for the two of you, be it games or creative video making.

Problem Solving

When it comes to conflict or tough decisions, one of you is a lion and the other a mouse. One is confident and will attack problems head-on without a second thought. He or she will advocate for themselves and get things done. The other runs away and hides from problems, avoiding conflict at any cost.

Team up together when things get tough, so you can solve issues together. This will strengthen your bond and help you tackle life’s problems as they come along.

Household Management

Does your partner have a living space that looks like it has been hit by a tornado? Do they leave dirty dishes in the sink for days and rarely clean the house? Help clean up their act! Rather than insisting that your partner makes big changes in their cleaning habits, start small. Divide up household chores between the two of you, even if you aren’t living together, so good habits can develop. Have your partner be in charge of little things like taking out the trash, washing dishes and folding laundry while watching television. Purchase cleaning supplies, like an easy-to-use mop or an apparel folding board.