How to Deeply Reconnect with Nature

This is a guest post by Nina Simons

In the 21st century, we don’t even notice an essential thing that we are missing until we end up drained of energy, uninspired and burnt out. We lose our connection with the most basic elements that give us life and get carried away by the fast pace of our modern lifestyle, not even getting a chance to stop for a second and look up at the sky. While you might not realize, this disconnect from nature keeps building up stress and tension inside you and prevents you from truly being able to relax and reach a higher meditative state. If you feel like you, too, are stuck in a rat race and have forgotten where your roots lie, it is time to reconnect with Mother Nature once again.

Listen to your body

What you need to realize is that we are, in fact, parts of nature itself. While we live in concrete buildings and spend most of our time in air-conditioned rooms, our bodies are still made up of the same elements Mother Earth is, and that inherent connection is what draws humans to nature and what dictates all our basic needs. This is why it’s important that you listen to your body in order to keep your physical and mental well-being intact. When your body’s signaling it is tired, sleep. When it’s hungry, eat. It’s as simple as that. Listen to your circadian rhythm and you’ll be able to become more balanced.

Spend more time outside

Most of us claim that we don’t have enough time to get outside and enjoy some of our free time in nature. However, there is always a way to work your way around such excuses. Just think of how much time you spend daily or weekly mindlessly scrolling through social media. And what do you gain from it? Cut back on these activities and you will realize you don’t even miss them! On the other hand, spending time in nature has been proven from time to time to relieve stress and contribute to overall well-being, and you will notice an improvement in your mood if you go out regularly and just walk among the trees, watch the birds, exist in the moment… You can spend a fun date with your honey in the great outdoors or go for a weekend camping trip and recharge your batteries.



Travel to natural paradise

Traveling has also been proven to have immense positive effects on your mind. Getting away to a faraway destination and letting go of the hustle and bustle of your everyday obligations is a refreshing experience. However, instead of another urban jungle, next time opt for a natural paradise and breathe the fresh air while marveling at the beauty of the very planet we live on. Exploring untamed landscapes far away from civilization on your own two feet will give you a different perspective on life and you will realize the vastness of the world you are part of. So, take advantage of one of the spectacular walking holidays in Tasmania, at the edge of the world, or spend a week on a secluded beach and just watch the sea – you will come back as a different person.

Grow your own food

All the artificial foods we put in our body will take a toll on us sooner or later. We need Mother Earth’s natural nutrients in order to remain healthy and strong, so make sure you always go for organic foods. What’s even better than that is creating a little vegetable garden if you have a yard of your own (or even if you have access to a community or rooftop garden). Besides the obvious benefit of always having fresh, healthy produce on your table and at arm’s length, there is something very special about growing and nursing your own plants. The time you will be spending taking care of your plant babies and watching them grow every day will bring you closer to nature and allow you to witness the natural life cycle from up-close.



Bring the outdoors in

If you live in an urban environment, going out into nature can be a problem sometimes. However, staying away from the greenery for a long time will make you feel suffocated. While it won’t entirely substitute the habit of spending time in nature, bringing nature inside your home is a viable option that will help you stay in the vicinity of Mother Nature at all times. According to biophilia, we, humans, have a natural tendency to gravitate towards nature, and simply the sight of it can have a beneficial effect on us. Therefore, surrounding yourself with plants and other natural elements will help you stay connected and they will bring that much-needed serenity into your space.

Staying connected to our true origins, the sun that shines above and the grass that grows below our feet can look like a difficult mission in the age of technology. However, it’s all up to you. Don’t stray any further from the environment that gave us life. Look for nature in yourself and for yourself in nature, and restore your inner balance by practicing the aforementioned techniques.

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