How to Decorate a New Living Space as a Couple




Yippee! You’ve met the one, and things are going so amazing that you decide to take the next step in your relationship and move in together. Exciting huh? You can just feel it… cozy nights staying in with Netflix and Chinese take-out, reading the paper in bed together on Sunday mornings… Oh yeah! But…  before all that happens, you need to move in and merge your stuff and that means you run the risk of your decor becoming somewhat of  a hodgepodge from the sofa you’ve had since college and still haven’t had the heart to donate, to the tattered, hand-me-down quilt your love’s grandmother made. While these pieces have sentimental value to one of you, they may be an eyesore for the other.

Here are a few tips to make redecorating as fun and stress-free as possible.



Not Everything Has To Be Bought Brand New

Save money and time by reusing some of your old furniture. You can take beds, tables, couches and decor pieces from either of your previous dwellings and use them to furnish a guest bedroom, living room, den, or kitchen. If you both have wooden furniture that doesn’t match, an easy way to create a cohesive look in any room is to coat it all with the same color of furniture paint, like this durable Rust-Oleum furniture paint.


Create A Space That Belongs To Both Of You

Don’t allow the convenience of reusing all your old furniture to compromise your comfort and relaxation. Take time to redecorate one room together to start this new chapter with at least one space that reflects your taste at this time in your lives. Whether you and your significant other cook or not, a way to guarantee you spend meal time together is to invest in a timeless wooden or metal table for your kitchen or dining room. These materials are both easy to clean and durable, and will last you for years to come.



If You Are Renting, Use Decor Pieces To Showcase Your Interests

In most rental homes and apartments, landlords do not allow tenants to paint their walls unless they are retouching an existing paint color. A way to add color and personality to your new space is to add color through throw pillows, wall art, plants, photos and other decor pieces. You can showcase your individuality by showcasing each other’s individual interests in your decor pieces, or swap out your accent pieces seasonally for a festive look. Urban Outfitters has a large selection of fun decor pieces that are guaranteed to spark conversation at your housewarming party.


Use Color To Bypass Your Differences In Taste

The chances of you and your sweetheart having the same taste in interior design is very slim. Maybe your boyfriend’s bachelor pad was filled with sports memorabilia or your girlfriend’s old apartment looked the same as her sorority house. A way to compromise when one of you likes leather and the other prefers lace is to find a common ground with color. That way, you can each pick a few pieces that fit into the same color scheme (and you never have to see that ratty, mustard colored couch again). If you’re looking for inspiration, check out Ultra Violet, Pantone’s 2018 color of the year. If purple isn’t your cup of tea, they have their previous yearly colors listed on the same page.



Allow One Or Two “Free Passes”

Relationships are as much about compromise as they are about love. No matter what your respective tastes are, allow each other one or two “free passes” on pieces one of you loves and can’t let go of, no matter how much the other may hate them. The trick to learning to accept these pieces, whether they be posters from bands you hate, or a bed frame that seems to serve no purpose except to stub your toe every time you walk by it, is placement. If you can use these pieces to furnish a spare room, or cover them with slipcovers or a fresh coat of paint, you two are well on your way to learning to work through any problem.