How to Create Your Online Dating Profile


With the boom of online dating, the days of waiting for a chance meeting with the girl or guy of your dreams is over. A simple click or swipe can lead to a date, which eventually can lead to a trip down the aisle. Although you want to put yourself on the market, you are afraid to jump through the hoops of digital dating. No need to worry. Many online dating apps make it easy to upload your profile and, with one click, snag the love of your life. Follow this guide to help you get closer to a night on the town or the relationship you’ve always dreamed about:

Know What You Want

Know what you want in a mate before impulsively listing and checking off options that may or may not be the right fit for you. Decide if you are looking for a few dates, a long-term relationship or marriage material. Then, choose the age range, physical and personality traits and answers to serious questions, such as whether or not you want to have children. All of these questions (and answers) will help you narrow down what is important to you.

Make a List of Your Deal Breakers

Knowing what you don’t want in a mate is just as important as pinpointing what makes someone attractive to you. So make a list of what you absolutely don’t want. Whether you can’t stand smoking or someone who eats meat, determine what characteristics and qualities you absolutely can’t tolerate. The groundwork now will make it easier to fill out your online profile.

Create an Advertisement About Yourself

Identify the qualities you would use to describe yourself. Are you funny? Do you love to eat sushi? Do you seek adventure and travel? Are you a homebody who enjoys watching movies? Put all of your characteristics on the table to create a profile that is uniquely you.

Compose a Catchy Screen Name

Make your screen name something people will remember. Choose one that identifies an interest, hobby or characteristic about yourself instead of opting for a vanilla label that reveals very little. Make it quirky but not to out of the box to attract some attention.

Choose a Picture to Upload

The first things people notice about your profile is your picture. You want a photo that is flattering but an accurate portrayal of what you look like currently. Choose one where you are wearing a bright color to stand out a little.

Draft a Meaningful Headline

Many online dating sites have a box that allows you to fill out a 100-character description of yourself. Think of it like the first line of a book — this headline determines whether people click to see more or jump to the next profile. Make it fun, interesting and representative of who you are.

Check Your Profile

The best part about online dating is that you can participate from anywhere. Use your smartphone or iPad to check your online profile through the service’s app while at work, at the gym or at home. You can even change your profile picture with the built-in camera or update your headline while on the go. Most people recommend checking your profile every few days to determine if you have any messages.

Getting that perfect match is all within your fingertips. Take chance and fall in love.