How I Channeled An Angel!


At this time of the year we think about angels right? Or Maybe you are missing a loved one who has passed over to the other side and wish you could connect.

In my latest book, The Buddha Made Me Do It; A Field Guide To EnLITENment,

I document my journey to meeting my guardian angel, Murth.


Here’s an excerpt ….


Julie arrived promptly at eight. Macie greeted her with lots of tail wagging and running back and forth in excitement. Julie offered her newly acquired divination tools, not one, but two talking boards that she downloaded, printed, and bonded onto foam core.

“Julie, these are great! One is gorgeous, the other so whimsical.”

If Adolfo were here, he’d say we were about to use a Ouija Board. Dios mio! he would say. What if a demon showed up and took over our bodies?

Julie and I were just getting started in our adventures together, so weren’t concerned about that at the time.

A little background: Ouija is the trademarked name of William Fuld’s most famous product. The generic terms for this type of divination device are: talking board, spirit board, and communication board. Since Ouija is the oldest known brand name, most folks erroneously refer to all talking boards as Ouija like calling all photocopiers Xeroxes or all tissues Kleenex. Talking boards are one modality used for divinationOther modalities include the casting of Runes, peering into a scrying glass, throwing bones (dice), reading tea leaves or Tarot cards, visiting the Oracle of Delphi, astrology, or simple meditation. Humans have attempted to receive messages from the beyond since the beginning of time, nothing new here. Julie and I don’t agree on everything, but one thing that we both believe is that there is life after life and that our peeps are over there on the other side waiting to give us a message.

The only time that I knew I had a contact from the other side was over a decade ago, a few days after my father died. He had cancer, and it was an absolutely devastating experience for both of us. I moved back from Chicago to California to be with him and was by his side in the hospital while he was dying. The lowest point in my life was the day I went to the crematorium to pick up his ashes. I stored the heavy box that contained the cremains in the back of the closet at my aunt’s house where I was temporarily staying. That night, lying in bed, the inside of my right ear began to buzz. I heard my dad’s voice. “We did all right didn’t we? I love you.” His words seemed to pass over me. “I love you, too,” I said. There was so much I wanted to ask him, but I knew he was gone. I’d been to psychics, but I couldn’t help but wonder if we each hold the power to contact spirits directly, especially those souls that care about us.

Since neither Julie nor I had ever used a talking board before, we were incredibly excited, but at the same time, neither of us really expected anything to happen. Julie and I were both fans of getting psychic readings, but this was totally unchartered waters.

Our kundalini energy was newly rising, chakras just beginning to balance, our third eyes starting to open. We were peering into portals and not sure how the spirit world might interface with the human world, but we did know that our positive intentions would shield us. I discovered that it’s important to do a ritual of protection before beginning a session.

Following me into the kitchen, Julie glanced around uneasily.

“Relax, Adolfo’s at work,” I said.

“Thank God, because I know he would NOT approve of this, Marla.”

“Oh, I know. Especially if he saw this.” I held up the whimsical witchy board.

She giggled. “Well, I had both boards made because I figure that dark board is more my personality. The white board is more you.”

I opened the fridge, grabbed two mason jars of green juice, and offered one to Julie. She rolled her eyes and pulled a can of Diet Coke from her purse.

“Okay, well, maybe next time….” I wasn’t giving up hope that Julie would kick her diet soda habit one day. I took a healthy verdant sip. “Mmmmmmmm, that’s good!”

Julie stared at me, deadpan. “Marla. Please.”

I had to laugh.

In my office/sanctuary, we chose the white board, settled on the floor, and placed the board between us. In addition to the candles surrounding the board, I placed a crystal at each corner and a statuette of Jesus, Saint Charbel, and Mother Mary. Macie came in and sat next to me. Ever curious, she always has to be part of whatever is going on.

I recited a prayer of protection and invitation:

I declare that this room, this house and this property is surrounded by the white light of Christ. Only those beings of the highest vibration, love and light are allowed here. We look forward to communication and welcome any high vibrational beings that would like to come through and give us a message.


“Oh, I almost forgot,” Julie said. “I brought this.” She pulled out a small round green wooden game piece about the size of a large cherry to use as a planchette. She set the planchette in the middle of the board, and we both placed an index finger on it. We decided that I would lead the session.

I breathed in deeply and asked, “is there anyone here that would like to communicate with us?”

We were so quiet I thought I heard our hearts beating. A minute went by, then another. At the three -minute mark, we gave each other the maybe-we-should-give-up look just before the planchette started to move.

“What the… OH. MY. GOD. IT’S MOVING!” I squealed.

This was thrilling to me, but Julie looked completely nonplussed, like it was an everyday occurrence. I was intrigued to find out whose energy was moving the little green game piece as it spelled out H-E-L-L-O.

Julie and I simultaneously replied, “hello.”

“May I ask to whom we are speaking?” I asked.


“Are you a spirit?”


“Do you have a name?


“Will you tell us?”


“Why not?”

F-O-R M-E.

Julie laughed. “That is hilarious. Great sense of humor!”

I continue. “Okaaaay…well, do you just want to be called Secret Spirit then?”


“Are you evil?”


“Are you a good Spirit?”


“Do you love us?”


“What are you doing here?”


“Watching us?


“Do you protect us?”


“Ok, well, it’s nice to meet you, Secret Spirit.”


Julie and I were dumbfounded, but I managed to end the session. “Thank-you, Spirit, for sharing your energy with us. We are grateful for this exchange. We now close this sacred space and surround ourselves with love and healing light.”

We had actually communed with a spirit. We sat in silence before Julie finally said, “Well, he was pretty nice.”

The next night would be a full moon, and we agreed to meet again.


For our second communication, we decided to use the Dark Board. Its cartoonish spooky design sent a delightful tingle up my spine. After opening the space with a protection prayer, we each put our index finger on the planchette. It started to move right away this time.


I led again as the main speaker.

“Hello. With whom do we have the pleasure of speaking?”


“Oh, hello Secret Spirit. Good to talk to you again. Do you have a message for us?”

N-Y-C. S-O-O-N.

Julie and I exchanged knowing looks. I planned to go to New York in a couple of months for a matchmaking conference.

G-O-O-D T-R-I-P.

“Thanks, Secret Spirit. Yes, I am going to New York. I am so excited. Will you tell us your name this time?”


“Ok, well, is there anyone else here that would like to make a connection?”

The planchette remained still for a minute and then began moving again.


“Hello,” Julie and I replied.

“Who is this?” I asked.


“Angel? You’re an angel???

Y-E-S. G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N A-N-G-E-L.

“My angel?” I ask


“What is your name?”



“Google it,” Julie said.

I picked up my phone and searched for the word Merthyr. The word merthyr means martyr in old Welsh. It sort of made sense to me that my guardian angel would have that name.

“Merthyr, does your name mean martyr?”


“Where did you get that name?”


“How long have you been my angel?”


“Will you be with me after I die?”


“What do you look like?”

I A-M T-A-L-L.

“I wish I could see you.”

S-O-O-N. Y-O-U W-I-L-L S-E-E M-E. I L-O-V-E Y-O-U M-A-R-L-A.

I felt her love envelope me. Tingles ran up and down my spine. “I love you too, Merthyr.”

I never imagined that I would ever get to talk to my guardian angel, at least while I was still in a body. I have always had angels decorating my house and had a great curiosity when I would hear people like Doreen Virtue speak about angels. But I was skeptical about their communication. I mean…really? How is that possible? It was a sweet sentiment, but in the back of my mind, I thought there was a possibility that these so-called angel communicators were a bit delusional. But this was real. Merthyr IS real. Julie and I were too surprised to be making this stuff up. Neither of us was making the planchette move.

We closed the session and moved into the kitchen, excited. We celebrated with different kind of spirits, shots of tequila. Using the stepladder, I climbed up to access the cupboard above the stove and selected one of Adolfo’s most expensive bottles. I carefully poured us both a shot into colorful glasses Adolfo and I had bought in Puerto Vallarta. Julie and I clinked our glasses together.

“Here’s to Secret Spirit,” Julie said.

“Here’s to Merthyr,” I added.

My drink brought a lovely instant warmth.

“Ahhh. Sure beats the hell out of your green juice,” Julie said. “Hey, Marla. Seems like Adolfo would be thrilled that you now have a direct line to Merthyr and Secret Spirit since you don’t need to pay for psychic sessions or angel readings anymore. You can do them yourself.”

“Yeah,” I said. “I definitely need to be more frugal. Especially now.”


“We have to see the IRS agent tomorrow. I’m really nervous.”

Julie took the liberty of refilling our glasses. “You’d better bring Merthyr along….” She took another swig. “But this may not be the best time to mention her to Adolfo.”

“Especially if things don’t go well,” I said. I had reason to be nervous. All that lovely abundance I’d been working on could vanish in an instant.