How Easy is it to Switch to a Vegan Diet?


If you’re looking for a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle change or just wanting to try out something new, you may be interested in trying a vegan diet.  It’s easier than you might think. Check out these tips to make the transition smooth!


As vitamin B12 only naturally occurs in animal foods, you will need to stock up on B12 fortified foods and a B12 supplement. It’s important you have B12 in your diet as this keeps the body’s blood cells and nerves healthy. If you don’t have B12 in your diet, you can face a variety of health problems such as feeling weak, constipation, and tiredness. Asking your doctor for a simple blood draw will help determine whether you need to up your B12 intake.



Prepare for Questions

When making the change to follow a vegan diet, you will need to be prepared for all the questions your friends and family will ask you. Some people may not be able to grasp why you are going vegan, so always make sure you have answers ready for the range of questions you will get asked. Simply let everyone know that you are going vegan for your own personal reasons and feel it is the best route for you to go down.



Finding New Protein Sources

Protein is incredibly important in our diet, as it helps break down into amino acids that help promote cell repair and growth. You’ll need to take time to investigate vegan foods that contain protein such as lentils, seitan, beans, and natural soy. There are plenty of exciting and tasty protein dishes that you can make. Having a look at recipes online can give you more ideas and information.


Read Food Labels

One change you’ll have to make which can be a little time consuming is reading food labels! You’ll need to thoroughly check that the products you are purchasing are completely vegan. Make sure to verify each ingredient, so you can be safe in the knowledge that it is suitable to eat. Although it may feel like a strenuous task at first, you will soon get the hang of it and know what to look out for. Visiting specialist websites can help you understand more about the vegan diet, including are bagels vegan?



It Takes Time

Hey, nobody said that turning vegan must be done overnight. Changing your lifestyle and routine will take time and you should never feel guilty for making a mistake or two at the beginning. Simply start by cutting back on animal products and begin implementing more plant-based foods in your diet. Gradually changing your diet may prove to be more successful and ensure you stay on your path.

It can be incredibly beneficial to speak to those who have already made the step into following a vegan diet. Getting advice and tips and tricks from those already on the diet will help you make the right choices and know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Good luck and bon appetit!